Fly-tipping – West End Lane

Dear fellow residents

This fly-tipping was picked up on by your Councillors on West End Lane, Harlington.

We have done the following to action this:

1. Asked the Anti Social Behaviour Investigations Team (ASBIT) to try and find out who has fly tipped.
2. Contacted the street cleasning team to clear it away.
3. Contacted residents services to drop a letter to all residents residing in the local area to remind them of their care of duty.
4. Requested for mobile CCTV in the area if the problem persists.


Cllr Peter Money, Ali Milani, June Nelson.



Hillingdon Labour Group rejects Government intent to move ahead with Heathrow Third Runway

The proposals to grant permission for Heathrow to build a third runway are wrong, misguided, and ignorant of local resident opinion, said the Hillingdon Labour Group today. The Secretary of State for Transport has revealed the plans that will allow further expansion of Heathrow airport, despite huge opposition from local groups who will be severely affected by it. 

Speaking out against the Government proposal, Labour Group Leader Councillor Peter Curling said:


“It comes as no real surprise to me that this Government has decided to push ahead with Heathrow expansion despite figures within their own party strongly opposing it.

“The political parties across Hillingdon are united in our opposition to a third runway, and we will work together with residents however we can to voice and demonstrate this opposition.

“People’s homes and communities face being destroyed, not to mention increase noise, congestion and pollution in the area. We stand by our commitment to a better Heathrow, not a bigger one.”


In 2013, Hillingdon Council conducted a local referendum with 66% of those who took part opposing Heathrow expansion.

Now that the Heathrow plan has been laid out, MPs have 21 days to register objections or amend the plan, after which there will be a vote in the House of Commons.