More Fly tipping!

Dear Residents

Your local Councillors along with the intelligence of concerned residents picked up on numerous occurrences of fly-tipping in the Villages. This included household waste, mattresses, commercial building waste & even a fridge freezer! We reported this to Council officers on the 24th June 2014, who passed it onto the relevant teams. Officers promptly notified us on 25th June 2014 that the majority of the waste was removed. The fridge freezer was removed a few days later on the 9th July 2014, this was due to investigations being done on it to determine where it may have come from. The locations included:

1. Hollycroft Gardens, Sipson

2. Langley Crescent, Cranford Cross

3. Cranford Lane, Harlington

4. The Gray’s, Harlington

Fly tipping is an eye sore for anyone living in or visiting the area, lets combat this together as a community. If you see some one fly tipping or can see occurrences of it, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Ward Councillors.


Your Local Labour Councillors 


Frequency of Litter Pickers and Green Space Maintenance

Dear Residents

On the 23rd of June 2014 your local Heathrow Ward Councillors asked Council Officers the following question “What is the frequency of the litter pickers in The London Borough of Hillingdon and what is the timetable for the green space maintenance?” The reason for this question was brought about by numerous residents asking us how often the streets in their Village should be litter picked and also what time of the year/ how many times a year does the Council maintain the green spaces, tree cutting, grass cutting and the flowering of the plants.

Council officers responded on the 8th July 2014 and provided us with a link which directs us to The London Borough of Hillingdon’s website, within the link is all the categories of maintenance that the Council carry out and the frequency’s and specification Borough wide.

The Council Officer also responded by stating that “We do aim to keep to these frequency’s, however they can deviate from time to time depending on weather condition, ground condition, machine breakdown etc …”

Timetable for Heathrow Villages can be found in the link, for more information please refer directly to Hillingdon’s website or email one of your Councillors. Also if you see maintenance work that has not been carried out to a suitable standard or within a certain time frame, again contact your local Councillors.

We hope this information helps the local residents.


Your Local Labour Councillors 

Harmondsworth Advice Surgery – 12th July 2014


St Marys ChurchDear Residents 

The first advice surgery since the elections was held on th 12th June 2014 in Harmondsworth Village at St Marys Church Hall. The role of the advice surgery is for the Councillors to engage local residents who can drop in and talk to their local representatives, ask questions and seek advice with any problems that they may be having in their community. Cllr Peter Money and Cllr Manjit Khatra were present unfortunately Cllr June Nelson was away. It was a very positive meeting with a lot of residents sharing various concerns that they have. Below is a list of the concerns that the residents of Harmondsworth have that can be made public and others were private and cant be published. This list was complied and sent to various officers in the Council.  We should have the  responses in time for the next meeting in Harmondsworth which will be on the 9th August 2014. 


1. There are currently to many Taxi Drivers on Pingleston Close, Is it possible to review the times that the traffic wardens are present or can they have increased presence of wardens in the area?

2. The corner of Pingleston Close is a hot spot for flytipping. Can we ask the appropriate teams to write to the local residents and businesses explaining to them what their care of duty is when it comes to waste and find out where the increased waste is coming from?

3. On the top of Hatch Lane towards the Bath Road side is a big lump of industrial metal that has been dumped, can this be removed?

4. Who instigated the Hatch Lane cycling works on Hatch Lane and Holloway Lane that are occurring this month?

5. A request for a red dog waste bin is needed in the centre of the Village? The dog population is very high but there are currently no dedicated bins to put the dog waste in.

6. The red dog waste bin on Hatch Lane has been damaged and has fallen off its bracket, can the maintenance works be carried out on this?

7. A leaflet to be administered around Harmondsworth Village to inform the residents when waste collection day is and also to remind them what their duty of care regarding their household waste is this is because certain residents who are renting are putting their household waste into the street litter bins and clogging it up on a daily basis.

8. The possibility of a English Heritage sign in the entrance of the Historic Harmondsworth Village explaining where The Great Barn is. It is a historic site recognised by The English Heritage and needs to be addressed as it is a place of high interest to in The London Borough of Hillingdon.

9. The London Borough of Hillingdon recognises Harmondsworth Village as a conservation area. As such the residents would like a sign located near the entrance of the village stating ‘Welcome to Harmondsworth Village Conservation Area’.

10. The white ornamental wooden gates at the top of Hatch Lane are damaged can these be repaired?

11. An update on the traffic calming measures for Hatch Lane, what is the update on the officers recommendations for this road?

12. The wild meadow that was planted in Sipson Recreational ground has not been maintained properly, can a a maintenance plan be put into place for this?

13. The new double yellow lines outside Heathrow Primary School are only working when a parking warden is present. Can we have an increased time for the warden is present at the school after the summer holidays? 


If you have any similar concerns in your Street or Village please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Heathrow Villages Councillors. 


Your Local Labour Councillors

Harlington Community Football Project

The venture started in 2010 when the Church Minister, Rev Neemias who is from Brazil invited young children from the local park to play football with him one day a week. 

Week-by-week the numbers began to increase and the Youth Club Project was motivated by the Church’s vision to attract and support local young people through stimulating activities, play time and various games, whereby, through contact with positive role-models, they could avoid being drawn into anti-social behaviour and instead channel their energy into positive and healthy activities.

In 2012, the Head Teacher of William Byrd Primary School agreed to support the project by making the schools playing field available to the project available free of charge. The number of boys continued to increase and they started working in partnership with Kick London, who provide a qualified coach to help improve the quality of the project. In 2012, they also received a grant from The London Baptist Association to enable them to continue the project. In 2013, they started working in partnership with Queens Park Rangers Football Club, whose training grounds are in Harlington, are helping by providing coaches for their training sessions.

In 2014 they started competing in the Hayes Goals Soccer Centre Premier League. During the first season the team finished in third place and on the 11th May 2014 they held their first award ceremony in the Harlington Baptist Church Hall, with many of the players parents and other authorities in attendance. In 20134, they also received further help from Mr Mark Hampton, who as a local resident with a love of football volunteered to help coach the team.

In May 2014, the community football project also received a grant from The London Borough of Hillingdon’s Ward Budget to purchase football kit and equipment with the support of Cllr June Nelson and the other Heathrow Villages Councillors.

In the premier league second season the team finished first place and became League Champions. This was obviously a great achievement for the project and the second award ceremony was on the 23rd July 2014, again in the church hall. The players, parents and coaches attended as well as Cllr June Nelson of Heathrow Villages Ward.

The season has now finished as it runs throughout the year with the programmes divided into sections that align with school terms and the project will resume in September after the summer holidays.

Please contact Rev. Neemias as limited spaces are available: 020 8616 4616. 


Charity Bike Ride

Please Donate,

Phil Parks is cycling 1000 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats on the 26th August 2014 through to the 7th September 2014.

The Charity he is supporting is Shooting Star CHASE. They are a childrens hospice service, supporting local familes with a child or tennager not expected to reach their 19th birthday. Shooting Star CHASE currently helps over 600 familes living in West London, Surrey and West Sussex.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.



“A Better Not Bigger Heathrow”

In response to the letters and emails originating from the “Back Heathrow” campaign, the Hillingdon Labour group’s position is that we are totally opposed to any further outward expansion of Heathrow Airport. However we are not anti-aviation, furthermore we fully appreciate the importance of the airport to the local economy and local employment opportunities.

Our position is that we believe that the need is for a “Better Heathrow, Not a Bigger Heathrow” and as such we welcome internal developments such as the new Terminal 2 (The Queens Terminal). This demonstrates quite clearly that it is possible to achieve a better, not bigger, airport on the existing site.

We consider that many of the arguments around capacity, hub status and European competition, do not stand up to scrutiny and in many ways are just an edited version of the arguments put forward for previous expansion programmes, such as Terminal 4 and 5, which were approved on the basis that it would mean no further expansion would be necessary.

On the subject of any possible closure of the airport, we consider this threat to be bully boy tactics from Heathrow Airport Limited who are trying to say that unless they get their way and have a 3rd runway, they will take their ball away. In our view this is totally unrealistic and we believe that the airline industry would not allow the only major airport within the Greater London area to simply close. It is also disingenuous to claim that a 3rd and 4th runway is needed for extra capacity and then suggest that if another airport was built to the East of London it would mean Heathrow would close. So is this argument about capacity or not?

As the opposition group on Hillingdon Council, we really do regret that the Conservative administration have broken away from the “Better Not Bigger” campaign and have sought to tackle the bully boy tactics of HAL by talking up and embracing the idea of the closure of the airport and the development of a “Garden City” on the site. This has undoubtedly given credence to the disingenuous claim that the refusal of a 3rd runway would lead to the closure of the airport altogether.

We remain Pro-aviation and believe that the answer lies in having a more regulated use of the 7 existing runways that serve London, and that the efforts of HAL should be concentrated on making the airport better rather than bigger.


Hillingdon Labour Group

London Borough of Hillingdon


Tree Maintenance – The Village Green

Good Morning,

Your Heathrow Village Councillors picked up on a damaged and potentially dangerous tree in The Village Green Park, High St Harlington. The Village Green is a popular park amongst children and familes. It was reported to the officers on the 16th June 2014 and we had an immediate reponse on the 17th June 2014 from them with an order to fell the tree. The tree was most likely damaged from the strong winds we have recently been having.

Please report any dangerous trees/ issues to your local Heathrow Councillors or contact the Council.


Fly tipping on Cranford Lane

Heathrow Villages Ward Councillors reported an occurence of flytipping on Cranford Lane with the help of Vigilant Residents to the Council on the 11th June 2014. The report was passed on to officers on *The Anti-social Behavioural Investgations Team* however the source of the rubbish could not be determined due to lack of evidence. Nevertheless, the waste was removed by officers promptly. 


Please report any incdiences of fly tipping to your local Councillors. Take a photo and email it across to us, better yet lets try and find the people that do this and report them to the police! It will take all of us to keep our community clean and tidy.



Harmondsworth Village: Commemerting the WW1 Centenary

Thank you!

On behalf of the Hillingdon Labour Party, we want to thank the residents of Harmondsworth for inviting us to this event. We feel that the residents did a great job of commemorating the World War One Centenary and the whole day was a success. The day ran smoothly with many visitors showing up enjoying the service with the beautiful St Mary’s Church as the back drop, the parade which ran through the village and also the equestrian event. We were joined by the  Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London – Sir David Brewer, the Mayor of Hillingdon, John McDonnell, the MP of Hayes & Harlington, Sir John Randal, the MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip and also all the other persons who made an effort of coming. It was a wonderful day showing great community spirit.

Here are a few pictures of the day.

Sir Brewer Cadets SNT team BA Band Parade Equestrian 2 Equestrian 1 Parade 3 parade 2 Parade





Your local Labour Councillors