A4 Bath Road, Resurfacing Works

Why are we doing this work?

This work is part of the Road Modernisation Plan, the biggest investment for a generation consisting of hundreds of projects to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and pedestrian areas. Working with London’s boroughs it will make our roads safer and more reliable.

We need to resurface the road at this location to avoid the need for further maintenance in the near future.

Where and when will the work take place?

We have arranged the work in phases to reduce disruption as much as possible.

For safety reasons, we will need to put in some closures between the A408 Sipson Road and the A437 High Street Harlington from 22:00 on Monday 17 August to 05:00 on Wednesday 2 September 2015.

The following map shows you the areas affected by these works.

What we would like you to know

Diversion routes will be in place via A408 Sipson Road (Northbound), A3044 Holloway Lane (Eastbound), Shepiston Lane (Eastbound), Dawley Road (Northbound), North Hyde Road (Eastbound), A437 Station Road (Southbound), and A437 High Street.

We will make every effort to ensure that noisy operations are completed before midnight but we should explain that vehicle reversing warning beepers are essential safety devices to protect those working nearby. Access for emergency services will be maintained at all times.

Should you require further information or an update during the delivery of these works, please contact our Customer Services team on 0343 222 1234 or via the web at tfl.gov.uk/contact.


ILS Replacement – Heathrow Aircraft Noise

Dear Residents

I am writing to let you know that we have been notified by Heathrow Airport Ltd that they will be carrying out essential work this week which they consider may have an impact on some residents who are located very close to the western end of the northern runway.

Heathrow are replacing the Instrument Landing System (ILS) which is used by arriving aircraft to land at Heathrow. Work has begun on the northern runway known as 27R on westerly operations. This will mean that the ILS system for the northern runway will be out of use during westerly operations until the work is complete.

The current forecast predicts easterly winds for the next couple of days which should mean no change to normal operations. However, if they are forced to switch to westerly operations due to the wind direction, aircraft will use the southern runway (27L) as the main arrivals runway until the work is complete. Consequently, this will mean that the main runway for departing aircraft will be the northern runway (27R) for this period of time.

Heathrow anticipate the ILS will return to service on 16th August at 3pm and to be within their normal runway pattern on Monday 17th August 2015. Heathrow state that they have a limited period of time to complete the work as it needs to be carried out during the summer months when the weather is most favourable.

Heathrow apologise for any disturbance this may cause residents and have put together an information page on their website about the work, which can be accessed here: heathrow.com/noise.