Road Network Information – A4 Bath Road

Dear Residents

We hope that you find the following information useful. 

A4 Bath Road – Carriageway resurfacing works between High Street Harlington and Waggoners Roundabout. Transport for London (TfL) has appointed ConwayAecom to carry out carriageway resurfacing works on the A4 Bath Road. The extents of the carriageway resurfacing on the eastbound carriageway is between High Street Harlington and The Avenue and the westbound carriageway is between Waggoners Roundabout and Berkeley Avenue. The works will also include adjustment of ironworks, footway and kerb works aimed at resolving ponding issues within the works area. The works area is shown on the map below.

Why are we doing this work?

The objective of this scheme is to renew the existing carriageway surface in order to maintain and prolong its lifespan.

What times will the work take place?
The works will start on Monday 3 November 2014 to Wednesday 26 November 2014 or until the work is completedThis is in agreement with the London Boroughs of Hounslow and Hillingdon. The working hours will be from 22:00 to 05:30 except from 13 November 2014 to 15 November 2014. The working hours on Thursday 13 November 2014 to Saturday 15 November 2014 will be from 23:00 to 05:30.For safety of the general public and the workforce, these works are planned to be carried out in phases. Traffic management considered for the works phases on occasions may include lane closures and convoy working on the A4 eastbound carriageway and on the westbound carriageway a combination of carriageway closures, lane closures and convoy working. Traffic management will only be set up during implementation of works on site. Where traffic management involves road closure, alternative diversion routes shall be sign posted.Every effort will be made to ensure that noisy operations are completed before midnight but we should explain that vehicle reversing warning beepers are essential safety devices to protect operatives. Access for emergency services will be maintained at all times during the works. As with all works are on the Transport for London Road Network, we must balance possible disruption to residents with disruption to traffic. Working at night provides us with the best chance to complete these works as quickly as possible with as little disruption as possible.

Keeping London moving
Transport for London is firmly committed to minimising disruption. We have worked closely with our contractor, ConwayAecom and the London Borough’s of Hounslow and Hillingdon in order to reduce the impact of these works on road users, local residents and businesses as far as possible.I hope you will appreciate that a certain level of disruption is inevitable, and I apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of these essential works. Should you require further information or an update during the delivery of these works please contact our Streets Customer Services department on 0343 222 1234 email: or via the web at


Your Local Councillors


Council’s Polling Station Review Will Lead to Low Turnout

The Labour Group is always open to any review of the Borough’s
Polling Districts that may be necessary to improve our local democracy.
However, the latest reshuffle of polling stations conducted by the Hillingdon
administration appears to be nothing more than an attempted cost-saving
exercise that will inconvenience many a voter, and thus risks reducing voter

Across the Borough the review proposes to remove a total of
8 polling districts, and despite the large number of new homes built there are
no proposals to increase the number of polling districts within any single

Amongst several districts losing polling stations there are
two in particular that I have concerns about. The first is located in Botwell
Ward just below the railway line. If the proposals go ahead voters would be
forced to make their way across the railway line and through the town centre to
get to the polling station at Botwell House RC School. There are a large number
of elderly people living in this area. The journey would be extremely
inconvenient and troublesome. Too far to walk for many, it would result in
increased traffic on small residential streets or the need for people to travel
by bus just to vote. In fact it could be argued that increasing polling
districts would be more appropriate for this location given that there will be
a large increase in electors in this area due to plans to build 1,137 new
residential units.

The second district of particular concern is located in Heathrow
Villages Ward with its polling station at Sipson Lane. This is a small
district, however its geography makes it rather separate from its neighbouring
polling districts. If its polling station were removed, electors on the extreme
southern edge would be 2.5 miles from their nearest polling station and would
only be able to access it by car or public transport. The public transport
route could take around 40 minutes each way. Such a proposal is completely

Again, we believe an increase, re-instating the Cranford
Cross district, would be more appropriate in this ward. In the May elections
many voters in this area found it hard to reach their polling station. They had
to travel by bus or take the car, with the additional difficulty of parking.

Accessibility of polling stations strongly influences voter
turnout so any review of Polling Districts should look at ways to make voting
easier and more convenient, not more difficult and costly for the individual. Moreover,
we do not believe that the proposed arrangements will actually lead to any
meaningful savings at all, each polling station requiring only 3 staff members
to run.

Of course the reduction in polling districts certainly
affects some Conservative Wards as well as our own Labour Wards. Whilst I don’t
consider it my place to comment on polling arrangements in Conservative
constituencies the Labour Group are certainly ready to offer support, if
requested, to any effort to protect those polling districts in other
constituencies where their abolition would severely inconvenience voters.
Similarly, we hope to receive the same support from all elected representatives
within the Hayes and Harlington Constituency, irrespective of party-political
lines. This issue is not about party politics, it is about nothing less than
the health of local democracy.

Leader of the Labour Party

Labour’s Candidate for The Charville Ward By-Election

Hayes and Harlington Labour Party have selected John Oswell to fight the Council by-election in Charville ward, which will be held on Thursday 27th November 2014.

John is an experienced former councillor who represented Pinkwell ward for many years. He stood down in 2010 and after a short break from public office John returned to the political scene as a Labour candidate for Yiewsley ward in May this year.

Labour Party members in Charville Ward met on Wednesday 29th October 2014 and selected John Oswell from a stong list of possible candidates.

After the selection meeting, the Leader of the Labour group, Cllr Mo Khursheed, Said “It is great to see John Oswell selected as our candidate for this by-election.  He is extremely hard working and would make an excellent community councillor for Charville Ward.  I look forward to campaigning with John and hopefully welcome him back to the Council on the 28th November.”

Cllr Khursheed went to to pay tribute to the other potential candidates who put themselves forward for selection and said “We had a list of very strong and capable candidates and the members at the selection meeting had a very difficult decision to make.  I would therefore like to thank all of those who put themselves forward for selection.”

Cranford Lane – Raised Tables

Dear Residents

We were asked about the raised table works that should have been completed at the end of this month. We called up the Transport and Projects Manager and requested the following:

Thank you for your telephone call today regarding the proposed raised tables for Cranford Lane. You explained you would be meeting the residents today regarding their concerns. You have requested a letter that can be given to the residents explaining the delay in installing the scheme.

Please find attached a letter:

We hope that you find this helpful and we will keep you updated when this programme of works will begin.

Kind Regards

Your Local Labour Councillors

Cranford Park Friends – AGM

Cranford Country Park

Dear Residents

Please see attached from the secretary of Cranford Park Friends.

It has been an eventful year in Cranford Park and you are invited to attend our AGM on Thursday November 20 at 7.30pm. It will be held at the Crane Community Centre, Fuller Way, Harlington, UB3 4LW (Bus E6 to Cranford Drive).Tea/coffee will be served. I am pleased to attach the agenda for the meeting, minutes of previous meetings have been sent to members and can be sent to others on request. 

We will be electing the new committee, so if you are interested in standing as a committee member (no previous experience is necessary, just enthusiasm) please let me know.


Bob Barton