South Neighbourhood Police Team Newsletter – January Edition

Dear  Local Resident and Community Contact 


Please find attached a copy of the January Edition of the South Neighbourhood Police Team Newsletter. This covers some of the stories and incidents that your community team have been dealing with over January. I hope you find this informative.  Please feel free to forward this newsletter onto family, friends & neighbours.   


Inspector David George   South Sector NPT ,  Licensing Lead


Hollow promises of Heathrow expansion revealed

Serious flaws in proposals to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport have been laid bare by Hillingdon Council in its detailed response to the Airports Commission consultation on expanding airport capacity in London.

Last week (Thursday 22 January) the council’s Cabinet approved the response, which included a specially commissioned report on the impact of Heathrow expansion on the health and quality of life of people living nearby. It will now be sent to the Airports Commission.

The Airports Commission is currently considering three airport expansion options, one at Gatwick Airport and two at Heathrow.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot, Leader of Hillingdon Council, said:

“Despite spending considerable time and resources on publicity demonstrating the benefits of building a third runway, Heathrow Airport’s proposals are full of hollow promises and gaping holes, lacking any realistic assessment of the impact Heathrow expansion would have on our community.

“It beggars belief that increased noise levels, heightened flood risk, public transport pressures, reduction of air quality, not to mention the trauma of uprooting families who have lived locally for decades, are being glossed over by Heathrow. We are also concerned that the so-called economic benefits of expanding this airport do not stand up to closer scrutiny and ultimately would not benefit Hillingdon residents.

“The recent activities of Heathrow and its PR machine have demonstrated that neither they nor their incredibly dubious survey results can be believed or taken seriously. Our detailed response to the Airport Commission’s consultation lays bare these vitally important concerns, which demand to be taken seriously.”

The consultation period ends on 3 February 2015. After this, the Airports Commission will look at all responses and publish its final recommendations in summer 2015.

For more information, visit

Number of people disturbed by aircraft noise doubles in the last decade, according to Government survey

Number of people disturbed by aircraft noise doubles in the last decade, according to Government survey

The number of people ‘significantly affected’ by aircraft noise has doubled in the last decade, according to the Government’s recently published National Noise Attitude Survey.

Four per cent of the population – over 2 million people – now consider themselves badly affected by noise from aircraft.  Another 9% say they are ‘moderately’ affected.  DEFRA, the Government department responsible for noise, has called the increase ‘strongly statistically significant’.

John Stewart, chair of HACAN, the group which campaigns for noise reduction around Heathrow, said, “The results are revealing.  This dramatic increase in the numbers disturbed by aircraft took place during a decade when planes were becoming a little quieter.  It can only be accounted for by the rise in the number of aircraft using UK airports.”

Stewart added, “It should act as a warning to those who argue that the noise climate around Heathrow will improve even if a third runway is built because of the introduction of quieter planes and improved operational practices.”

Neighbour noise remains the biggest problem with 26% of people saying they are moderately or significantly affected by it.  Road noise impacts 25% of the population.


Public Meeting Reminder

Dear Friend,

This THURSDAY 29th January 2015 : Public Meeting in Sipson on Heathrow expansion 

John McDonnell MP is holding a meeting for residents to discuss the proposals for the expansion of Heathrow Airport. This meeting is open to all residents, and you may have already received a letter from Mr McDonnell inviting you to attend.

The meeting will take place this Thursday 29 January at 7:30pm at Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, UB7 0JQ. 

Speech by Cllr Nelson and Khatra to Oppose closure of Polling Stations

Dear All

At the Full Council meeting on 15th January 2015 the Tory-led Council has voted to close Polling Stations throughout Hillingdon. Residents of Sipson Village no longer have a polling station near to them.

Here is the speech that Cllr June Nelson said at the Council Meeting to defend the Polling Station.

Madam Mayor and Council,  As the councilor for Heathrow village I strongly urge you to reconsider the proposal to closed the poling station in HD4 Sipson Christian Fellowship in Sipson Lane. You will be Ignoring the petition not only from our residents but also from the residents association and their representatives. If this poling station should go then the democratic right of the residents to vote at an accessible poling station is being removed. Currently there are 901 residents living in the area. Some of Our elderly and disable residents who may not be able to used public transport to get to and from the proposed poling station to exercise their right to vote, will their rights be taken away. Currently a lot of the residents who live in Sipson,  work in or around the airport. Most of them are shift workers and this is why it is absolutely crucial that Sipson fellowship poling station in HD4 is saved. The finical impact on the council is a mere £2,500 a drop in the kitty considering that the council motto is putting resident first. Do you think that your proposal is putting resident first? I strongly urge you to please reconsider the impact that this will have on our resident and their democratic right. I oppose this proposal.

Cllr June Nelson

Here is the speech that Cllr Manjit Khatra said at the Council Meeting to defend the Polling Station.

Madam Mayor and Council. Could the the leader of the Council explain why would any one want to reduce the number polling station in the Heathrow village word or any other word.I ask the leader to take things in consideration older member of the public who have difficulty coming out to Vote. I know and I under stand there is a system of postal voting in place, Still there are members of Public out there who prefer to go to polling station to vote. Please, I urge you not to reduce the number station we have in place in Heathrow village ward or any other ward.

Cllr Manjit Khatra

Runnymede Council drops it support for Heathrow Expansion

Last week Runnymede Council dropped its support for Heathrow expansion.  It became the first council to change from a position of supporting a new runway at Heathrow to backing a second runway at Gatwick. 
 A packed public gallery burst into applause when the council’s Corporate Management Committee voted by six votes to three to change the policy.  Many of the residents were from areas that had seen an increase in flight numbers during the recent trials by Heathrow.  The Committee argued that the environmental downsides outweighed any economic benefits that Runnymede might get from expansion.  The decision means that only two councils, Slough and Spelthorne, as fully behind expansion.

HACAN had sent councillors a detailed briefing before the meeting: Runnymede Briefing 140115

Heathrow Expansion – 320,000 people affected

Dear All

Below is a press release by Gatwick Airport for information purposes only:

Some 320,000 people will be newly impacted by noise if Heathrow expands. Gatwick has published a map showing the new areas that would be flown over, including the densely populated London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Richmond upon Thames.

  • People living in the area outlined in red will be most affected by noise in 2050 with a two runway Heathrow.
  • People living in the area outlined in blue will be most affected by noise in 2050 if Heathrow builds a third runway.
  • Populations living in the areas between the red and blue outlines will be newly flown over should Heathrow build a third runway.
  • The modelling has been compiled using Airports Commission data.

Version of the map with the local area broken down by parliamentary constituency.

Gatwick has also published a map today showing the new areas that would be flown over, including in the densely populated London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Richmond upon Thames.


In total, new areas in 16 local authority boroughs will be flown over that are not currently.  The full list of authorities is:


·         Bracknall Forest

·         Ealing

·         Hammersmith and Fulham

·         Hillingdon

·         Hounslow

·         Kensington and Chelsea

·         Kingston upon Thames

·         Merton

·         Richmond upon Thames

·         Runnymead

·         Slough

·         South Bucks

·         Spelthorne

·         Windsor and Maidenhead

·         Wandsworth

·         Westminster

The ‘It’s time to make yourself heard’ leaflet asks residents around Heathrow to sign up in support of Gatwick’s case for a new runway as far fewer people would be affected by noise, and it could be built in just ten years with considerably less disruption to local residents. Unlike Heathrow, Gatwick Airport has also never breached EU and UK annual air quality limits and would be able to operate within legal limits with an increase in aircraft from a second runway.

The leaflet also points out that users of the M25 would also face major disruption if Heathrow expanded as the motorway would need to be squeezed into a tunnel to build the new runway over it, with UK taxpayers likely to foot the bill.

Alastair McDermid, Airports Commission Director, Gatwick Airport, said: 

“Some 320,000 people will be newly impacted by noise if Heathrow expands. In contrast, if it was to remain as a two-runway airport Heathrow’s noise footprint would actually reduce because of new quieter aircraft.

“As we reach a crucial phase of the Airports Commission process, we would encourage all interested residents to have their say and respond to the national public consultation into airport expansion.  People can also sign up to support Gatwick’s case to build a new runway.”

Those wishing to respond to the Airports Commission’s consultation or sign up to support Gatwick, can do so by visiting

The Airports Commission’s consultation closes on 3 February.


In comparison to the 320,000 people newly over flown with a third runway at Heathrow, 18,000 people would be additionally affected by noise if Gatwick built a new runway. 

John McDonnell MP Appalled by the level of Street Cleanliness

John McDonnell MP was appalled by the level of street cleanliness in Hayes at the moment which is a direct consequence of the closure of Rigby Lane Recycling Centre, previously privatised by the Conservative Council. This has led to no facilities in the south of the borough.

John said “We cannot go on like this. The streets are filthy, fly tipping is a consistent problem”.

John has written to the Council to demand they take action in re-opening the recycling centre in the south of the borough for local rubbish and recycling.

John said “I opened the recycling centre in Rigby Lane as a GLC Counsellor in 1980s and now the Tories have closed it.”