Heathrow Villages Ward – Lighting During Winter

Dear Ward Member,

I hope you are well. Please find below some information regarding lighting,.

Security lighting
Lights can be used in a variety of ways to deter burglars at night. Exterior lights will make it more difficult for burglars to stay undetected when they’re trying to break in. Make sure they’re designed to be tamper-proof or at least positioned where it’s difficult for intruders to reach them. As a further deterrent, you can also leave interior lights switched on or use timer switches to make it look as if you’re at home – even when you’re out.

In most cases, the preferred and cost-effective security lighting option is low wattage bulbs activated by photo-electric cell which will automatically switch on from dusk till dawn. The alternative of passive infra-red lights can be accidentally triggered by pets or wild animals and must be thoughtfully positioned to avoid annoying your neighbours
For a good overview of all your options visit the Institute of Lighting Professionals – see related links

Lighting – Interior
A sensible arrangement of leaving lights switched on inside the house while the house is unoccupied can help to give the impression to a passer-by that the house is in fact occupied. It is sensible to use a downstairs room with a drawn curtain and sufficient light inside to suggest that the room is occupied. A light should not be left on solely in the hall – a thief may guess that the premises are unoccupied as it is not normal for the occupants to spend all night only in the hall!
There are many automatic devices available – simple and extremely sophisticated – that will turn lights on and off in random fashion and may even be set to control other electrical appliances such as the radio or television. Automatic switching will help to convince the casual thief that the house is occupied.

Most of the time security lighting will be all that is necessary to scare off a potential intruder. But do remember, lighting cannot work miracles. It is sensible to make sure that your physical defences – the locks, the bars and window bolts – will resist attack. Let your neighbours know that you are out, and if you are a member of your neighbourhood watch scheme so much the better. You can also inform your local police station that you are away.


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