Stop Heathrow Expansion – Community EVENT


SHE is a campaigning group set up by residents from the Heathrow villages to fight any further expansion at Heathrow.

The interior of the Great Barn at Harmondsworth HEATHROW VILLAGES ARE FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL.

Harmondsworth is one of those scenic villages but residents are working hard to protect its historic buildings and community English Heritage has just completed a major restoration of the magnificent 15th-century Great Barn there, described by Sir John Betjeman as the cathedral of Middlesex.

Please join us at a special open day event on Sunday 12th April 2015 Harmondsworth Village Green, beside St Mary’s Church, Harmondsworth, UB7 0AQ Great Barn open 11am-4pm Walking tours of the historic village and Harmondsworth Moor Discover for yourself why your efforts to put an end to Heathrow expansion really matter.



Just wanted to let you know that there was a burglary on the 4th of March in Russell Gardens between the hours of 1500 – 2200 they entered via the front of the property. The other burglary was Caroline Place through a rear window on the 1st of March between the hours of 1150 – 2300.

Please can you tell neighbours and friends to keep double doors locked and remind people if they are over 65 years of age they are entitled to a free burglar alarm from Hillingdon Council.

ThanksLindseyLindsey PriorPCSO 7160 XH

Mondial Way – Deep clean needed.

There is a large litter build up along Mondial Way, which seems to be a very much neglected and maybe not cleaned as often as it should be.
As you can see by the pictures attached, this part of the village is plagued by Taxi drivers and the McDonalds around the corner does not help.
What days does the cleansing team attend this location and can it be increased?

Petition Hearing – Sipson Village

Dear Fellow Residents

Attached below is the petition hearing for the request for road safety improvements on the Sipson Road network.

If you would lie to make any representation, please contact us and we will show you how.

This concern, if approved by Cllr Keith Borrows, the Cabinet member for planning, translation and recycling will be welcomed by the residents of Sipson Village.

Kind regard

Cllr Peter Money

Flooding of Roads


Purpose of the note
1.            To discuss road flooding.


roads include drainage systems designed to remove water efficiently from the
surface of the highway to order to provide a safe passage for vehicles and
pedestrians. Older roads may have less sophisticated drainage, but all have
features designed to take the water away from the road surface. In some rural
areas or on some minor roads, this may simply be a ditch leading to a

Road Gullies

The most
common feature in road drainage is the gully. This consists of a concrete pot
positioned under the road surface with an iron grating visible in the road. Water
collects in the concrete pot and is then channelled through pipework before
connecting into a surface water sewer network, a soak away or into a nearby
water course. 

the gullies and pipework become blocked with soil, dead leaves and rubbish
which prevents the free flow of water. Clearing debris by washing it into
gullies can also contribute to the problem. More information can be found by searching for
water pollution on the Hillingdon website.

Who is responsible?


Council have over 33,000 gullies across the borough which are cleaned on a yearly
basis. Gullies are normally cleaned by lifting the metal grating or cover
and sucking all the dirt out using a gully sucker machine. Sometime jetting is
required to move some of the harder obstructions.  Most gullies are designed to trap smells coming back up from
the pipes but in very dry weather they can dry out and allow smells to escape.

are also private roads which have gullies or other road drainage these are the
responsibility of the residents or owner to maintain.

Surface water sewer network

the gulley is connected to a surface water sewer flooding can often occur even
when the gully is clear because there is a blockage within the sewer itself.
This can often be due to tree roots growing through the sewer or just a build
up of silt.  Surface water sewers
are the responsibility of the utility company, and in Hillingdon, this is
Thames Water.

utility company will investigate and determine if the water main is blocked and
take appropriate action to clear it.  If a water main is overwhelmed simply because a great deal of
rain has fallen, the utility company is not required to undertake works to
increase the size.

Flooding on roads

there is very heavy rain over a short period the surface water build up can
often be greater than the capacity of the drainage facility designed to take it
away, so it should be expected to see some water on a road after very
heavy rain. Roads are designed to contain water on the road within the
kerbs. Heavy rain over a prolonged period can also affect soakaways as the
water table for the area, particularly low lying areas, can rise making
soakaways less affective.   

Who and when to report issues

the maintenance undertaken by the Council, problems can also occur even when
drainage installations are clean and well maintained. Heavy rain can wash
leaves and other material into a gully blocking them.

allow some time to see if the water drains away, water can remain for a while
in low spots in the road even where the drainage system is working.

if the water remains after a number of hours, please report it to the Council
to investigate to see if the gully is blocked. Please bear in mind it may be
the surface water sewer that is blocked, and this will need to be reported to
the Utility Company to investigate.

If you know the issues are with a gully and have seen
flooding remain on a road for a long period, please use the following

·      COUNCIL. Please use the Council ‘Report it’ function on the
Council website in the first instance, and the maintenance team will prioritise
it against other calls. If you are concerned that it is causing an imminent
flooding issue please call the Customer
Contact Centre on 01895 556000

·      THAMES
WATER.  If you are aware it is the
surface water sewer that is blocked:

Report it via Contact us on their
website or call Thames Water on 0800
then please select Option 2

Specific issues raised

462 Bath Road, Longford and Meadowlea
Close, Harmondsworth

concerns have been reported to the Highways Maintenance team, who have checked
the drainage system and ensured it is clear. The limiting factor in reducing
the frequency of flooding is that the gullies drain to a Thames Water surface
water sewer over which the Council has no control.

Candover Close Bus Stop

concern has been reported to the Highways Maintenance team, who have checked
the drainage system and ensured it is clear.

Action residents can take

the increasing demand on the capacity of surface water sewers and the situation
where the water company will not increase the capacity of the sewer there is
action residents can take to reduce the likelihood of flooding affecting them
and their community. This can be by putting in water butts or rainwater
harvesting in order to control surface water and reuse it on the their property,
and ensuring their front garden remains permeable. There is a legal requirement
to ensure that front gardens where people wish
to use them as driveways don’t contribute to flooding.


Derelict Building –

Forwarded to Hillingdon Council on behalf of Longford Village Residents.

Has there been an update on the derelict building adjacent to the Kings Arm pub in Longford Village.
Please see pictures attached that shows that no action has been undertaken since it was last reported on the 13th January 2014.

Officers in January confirmed: Having checked our property ownership records the buildings adjacent to the public house are not owned by this authority. That being the case, we will serve appropriate notices upon the property owner that will require the grounds to the cleared, any rodent infestation treated & if the building is not secure, necessary securing to take place”.

This is still a hazard and causing rodents to be in the local area.

I look forward to your response.

Cllr Peter Money

Carriageway resurfacing in Heathrow Villages

Dear Residents

As part of this year’s carriageway resurfacing programme, works are to be carried out on 

1) Ashby Way
2) Bletchmore Close 

Notices will be placed on the street giving the actual start date and the hours of working will be 8.00am to 4.30pm (Monday to Saturday).

The start date and duration period are subject to weather conditions

If you think your street is not up to the standard that it should be, please contact us so that we can bring it to the Councils attention.


Your Local Labour Councillors
Working for our community