Harmondsworth Road, Cycle lane

Dear Councillors

I am pleased to inform you that the planned highway works to provide cycle lane as part of Heathrow – West Drayton cycle scheme improvement in Harmondsworth Road is programmed to start on Monday 08 June for a period of eight weeks weather permitting.

The work entails of:-
1) On street carriageway cycle lane, both sides of Harmondsworth Road from Holloway Lane to Laurel Lane

2) Creating shared pedestrian / Cycle lane, by widening North-West footway in Harmondsworth Road, between Laurel Lane and Community Centre, (opposite the Dell).

3) footpath widening in The Dell to create shared pedestrian / cycle path.

4) construction of new zebra crossing North of Laurel Lane replacing existing traffic island.

5) construction of raised tables on several junction locations including Harmondsworth Road Junction with Laurel Lane.

6) carriageway resurfacing of part of Harmondsworth Road.

7) all other associated works including drainage, road marking etc.

An electronic advanced warning VMS signs, both end of Harmondsworth Road has been erected by contractor one week prior to commencement of work on site.

Residents letters have also been posted to nearby residents/ businesses informing them of forthcoming highway works in Harmondsworth Road.

contractors are instructed to carry out the work using temporary Traffic Light weekdays during off peak period (09:00 -15:30), where necessary.

Thames21 – Hillingdon events on Saturday 13th June.

Hello All,

I have not been running many events recently due to the Hayes Community Canal fair taking up so much time. It was estimated 700-900 people attended the event enjoying boat trips, kayaking, pop-up theatre acts amongst other activities. Many thanks to Barra Hall Community Group and the Hayes Town Partnership who co-organised the event and to everyone who came.

On Saturday the 13th June starting at 10:30am at Western View (finishing at 12:30pm), we are going to be watering the new plantation at Western View on the Grand Union Canal, doing some weeding as well as a clear up of the immediate area. Full details of the event can be found, http://www.thames21.org.uk/event/hayes-grand-union-canal-clean-up-hillingdon-12/ This is a great way to learn more about the Grand Union Canal as a habitat whilst we are completing the tasks. Look out for the Staff members wearing Hi-Vis Thames21 vests.

The event on the afternoon of June 13th starting at 2:30pm (finishing at 4:40pm) is on the River Crane at Cranford Park. Cranford has 2 fallen trees which are attracting a lot of litter making it an eye sore and damaging the health of the river. We are going to be in thigh waders removing the rubbish. If we have enough time at the end, we will remove an invasive species, Himalayan Balsam from the river banks which causes the banks to crumble. If the plant was not removed, as a consequence, the river would be wider and shallower, and not able to support as many species in Cranford Park. If you do not wish to go into the river, your help is needed with removing bags and pulling Himalayan Balsam. Full details for the event can be found, http://www.thames21.org.uk/event/cranford-park-clean-up-and-invasive-species-removal-hillingdon/ Look out for the Thames21 staff members wearing Hi-Vis vests.

All Equipment is provided by Thames 21 but please wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions. Under 16′s are more than welcome as long as they have a responsible adult accompanying them.

If you need any more information please give me a phone call on the number below.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

SNT – New distraction tactic being used by thieves

Dear Residents

A message from Inspector Robert Bryan

Dear Residents

A new distraction crime has been reported to us. Two women are pulling alongside elderly drivers and saying there is damage to the side of their car. The elderly person pulls over, gets out to take a look and is joined by the passenger, whilst the other woman walks around the car and steals handbags etc from the passenger seat. This has occurred near cemeteries, old peoples homes and shopping centres. Please pass this on to your friends and neighbours. If this happens to you, do not stop and drive home or to a safe place before checking the car as in all likelihood you are being scammed.

On 13 June, RAF Northolt has its open day. The roads around the base will be very crowded all day, but especially in the morning and late afternoon. If you are not going to the open day please avoid the area if at all possible.

Many thanks.


Insp Robert Bryan
Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email – HeathrowVillages.snt@met.police.uk
Tel – 020 8721 2557

Grass cutting in Harmondsworth Recreation Ground

Hi Peter,
I have attached some photos I have taken shortly after the Green Spaces people had cut the grass in Harmondsworth Recreation Ground. I think you would agree that it really looks a mess. We drove around Uxbridge and Harefield the other day and the quality of grass cutting there was a 100 times better than what we had in Harmondsworth. Can you raise this issue and arrange for it to be cut correctly. We will very shortly get the result of the Davies Commission enquiry into airport expansion. We expect a large number of pres and TV coverage in the Village. We do not want it to look uncared for.

A Concerned Resident

Dear Residents,

I have received confirmation that this order of works has now been carried out and the resident who initially made this concern is also pleased.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any similar concerns.

Kind regards

Cllr Money



Berkley Meadow – New Park Now Open

Great News for residents of Heathrow Villages. This park is near the residents of Cranford Cross and Harlington Village.

We are delighted to announce that the new playground is now open and read for children to enjoy thats if the new Mayor for Hillingdon will share the new basket swing!

It is located on Cranford Lane next to adjacent to Langley Crescent.

This is an excellent new facility for children that was much needed in Heathrow Villages.

Cllr Money, Nelson and Khatra