MPs in bid to protect Hillingdon from ‘disastrous impact’ of air pollution


Two Hillingdon MPs tackled air pollution at a Westminster Hall debate.

Nick Hurd, Conservative MP for Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner, and John McDonnell, LabourMP for Hayes & Harlington, took part in the debate – led by Diane Abbott MP – to discuss the impact HS2 and a third runway at Heathrow would have on the borough.

Despite criticisms on his role as Mayor of London, Boris Johnson did not attend in that capacity or as MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip.

Mr Hurd stood his ground against HS2 and offered a solution to help his constituents.

He said: “The plans for the construction of HS2 will increase emissions of the most dangerous pollutants in my constituency by 40%. Is that not gross irresponsibility?

“We are being asked to host multiple construction sites, some of which will be in existence for 10 years. They will flood narrow suburban roads with HGVs.

“The roads are already clogged and are surrounded by high-density housing. The area is home to clusters of schools, to which children walk. The impact will be disastrous.”

Mr Hurd asked for support from Mr McDonnell on the issue, who added: “I have supported the concept of high-speed rail for many years, but we have discovered that HS2 would generate more traffic in our area, rather than reducing it and overcoming some problems at Heathrow.”

HS2 plans will increase HGV traffic on Swakeleys roundabout by 1,672 movements per day and, on Harvil Road, there will be 1,360 new HGV movements per day.

Mr Hurd wants to “bury” the line, by extending the proposed tunnel so that it crosses the Colne valley.

He added: “It can be done technically, and the London borough of Hillingdon’s report shows that it can be done for more or less the same price as the existing proposals.”

Both MPs “stood shoulder-to-shoulder” on the issue of a third runway at Heathrow.

Mr McDonnell said: “If Heathrow Airport is expanded, we will never be able to comply with air pollution limits, because of the extra air traffic and road traffic that will be generated as a result.

“Therefore, the conclusion in Government must be that Heathrow expansion cannot go ahead.”

Speaking after the debate, Mr McDonnell told getwestlondon: “The south of the borough is facing an air pollution crisis.

“People are being made ill and some are dying and yet the council and the Mayor for London are doing nothing to address this issue.

“We need firm action now from Hillingdon Council against polluters and a commitment from the Government that there will be no third runway.”

The Labour MP criticised individual planning decisions in the borough, which were supported by Mr Johnson, the Planning Inspectorate and local councils.

He said: “The first example is the Conway bitumen plant development in my constituency. Constituents of mine, and constituents in Southall, wake in the morning and are nauseous and sick due to the overpowering smell of bitumen.

“Yet, as a result of the local council’s not being effective in doing its duty, we have not been able to act.”

Mr McDonnell is also concerned a new supermarket development in Hayes will be too close to the plant.

He added: “In the same area, which is an air quality management zone, the Planning Inspectorate has allowed a huge out-of-town Asda shopping development with 500 car parking spaces.

“With a bitumen plant pumping out emissions at one end of North Hyde Road and an Asdadevelopment at the other end, there will be some 10,000 traffic movements a day on that road.”

The House of Commons debate took place on Tuesday morning.

HARTS – pop up gallery

Thursday 16th July, 3-4pm and 8-9pm.

Drop in to the public underpass next to Cherry Lane Children’s centre, UB7 9DL.

A pop up gallery, show-casing community-led art work in the Heathrow Villages, inspiring care, social change and positive investment for the long term. In the spirit of the new moon, new and interested artists are invited to come along and develop ideas about upcoming projects for the year ahead.

Free drinks and refreshments provided, elderflower champagne included.

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Invasion of Minicabs in Heathrow Villages

Dear All

The scale of the mini cab problem in highlighted in this table

See below the information, for the period between 12/05/14 and 12/05/15, relating to streets in the Heathrow Villages area that are most affected by minicab vehicles.


Please note that the information above does not fully reflect the scale of the minicab problem in these roads or the level of enforcement undertaken on a daily basis. Nor does it show how many minicab vehicles were logged or issued with a PCN.

However, the information collected during regular joint operations with the Police and the Anti Social Behavour Investigations team or when we deploy additional officers to target minicab vehicles specifically is more reflective of the actual minicab problem in these roads and the level of enforcement undertaken.

For example on 23/04/15 a mobile unit was deployed between 07:00 and 21:00 hrs exclusively in the above mentioned roads and they recorded the information about minicab vehicles specifically. As a result, on that day our enforcement officers moved along 383 minicabs, logged 107 minicabs for possible enforcement action and issued 10 PCNs.

It is an issue that we are currently working on with TfL, the Council, Local policing team and the MP.



Dear all,

We have had a recent rise in theft from motor vehicles on Heathrow Villages ward. Please can everyone make sure that they are not leaving any items of value on display and make sure your vehicle is secure.

If anyone is seen acting in a suspicious manner then please call Police either 101 for non emergency or 999 for emergency.

Kind Regards


PCSO 7160 Lindsey Prior
Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2557


At 10:00 July 8th 2015: the land owner plus 5/6 bailiffs arrived to evict the residents of Grow Heathrow, threatening to break entry. Residents locked themselves to structures and climbed to higher ground. The police arrived, explaining to the bailiffs they were woefully unequipped to enforce an eviction. Indeed they were. Moreover, Inspector David George from the Heathrow Villages Area Police confirmed to us that as no official documentation regarding a warrant for the eviction was presented to Grow Heathrow or the police, the attempt to evict the site was unlawful.

This success has proved to be useful practise for our call-out response, with many locals and individuals in the Grow Heathrow family arriving this morning.


If you’d like to be added to the eviction call-out phone tree, email us at info@transitionheathrow.comwith your phone number, or text us on 07706602284.

Statement on The Airports Commission Report

The Hillingdon Labour group are extremely disappointed with the Airport Commission’s recommendation that a 3rd runway should be built at Heathrow.

There are so many reasons why further expansion of Heathrow is totally unacceptable, including the severe environmental impact that a 3rd runway would have. The Heathrow area is already one of the biggest air quality black spots in Europe, with air pollution in Hillingdon being double the European legal limit. The rate of Asthma and other respiratory conditions is rising in the areas surrounding the airport, especially amongst children. The noise impact on areas, as of yet, unaffected by noise pollution will also be devastating, as will the loss of nearly a thousand homes.

Hillingdon Labour group recognises the important part that Heathrow airport plays in terms of both the national and local economy, but we feel that the airport is big enough and the sky over West London is full enough. That is why we believe that the answer is to have a Better Heathrow, not a Bigger Heathrow, and as there are already seven runways serving London & the South East, we feel better use of all seven London runways and improved transport links between them is the answer.

We believe that the Six London airports (Heathrow, Luton, Stanstead, Southend, Gatwick and London City) should work in co-operation, so that the seven runways could be utilised in the national interest, rather than in their own vested commercial interests. Both Luton and Stanstead currently run at around 50% capacity, meaning that in capacity terms there is the equivalent of at least one completely unused runway, so why does London need an 8th runway?

Hillingdon Labour group therefore continues its commitment to oppose the 3rd runway and fight for our residents to have an improved environment with cleaner air to breath. The campaign for a Better Heathrow, Not a Bigger Heathrow continues.

Hillingdon Labour Party