Your Safer Neighbourhood Teams Priorities

Dear Residents,

The following is provided for your information, we hope it helps. Consultation with the community has identified the following three priorities in our neighbourhood. 

  1. Anti Social Behaviour – Drugs
  2. Burglary
  3. Theft from Motor Vehicles 
Heathrow Villages priorities are set by your local neighbourhood panel. The panel is made up of members of our community who meet regularly with the Police to discuss issues of concern in our area and how they will be resolved. The following gives you information about the priorities that have been set and the actions we are taking to tackle them. If you are interested in becoming a neighbourhood panel member please get in touch with us. Your Local Councillors are meeting with the local Policing team and the local neighbourhood panel, if you have any issues on your street that should be a priority for the police, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
  • Burglary 
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: A dedicated team now visit every victim of a burglary and crime prevention provided. The Metropolitan police are currently under taking operation Bumble Bee specifically targeting burglaries. We urge that you lock doors and windows and leave a light on when leaving the house empty during hours of darkness. Also ensure that access to the rear gardens is made difficult by locking gates. UPVC / multi-point locking doors should be properly locked by pulling the handle up and using a key to securely lock it. Please ensure you check the identification of services that knock on your door to confirm their identity. Log valuable items and their serial numbers on the immobilise website on Any suspicious behaviour to be reported to police. We have delivered Burglary leaflets and updated residents of any burglaries within the neighbourhood to increase awareness. Numerous police activities have been conducted and the continuation of a burglary victim task force is still being utilised. We are trying to set up Neighbourhood watches within the ward, so please contact your SNT if you would like to discuss this further. Crime prevention advice is available so please contact us or visit
  • Motor Vehicle Crime
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: The Hotel Watch scheme helps to encourage crime reduction measures in the car parks. This is proving successful in reducing vehicle crime. Please do not leave anything of value on show in your vehicle. Satellite navigation units including the casing must be removed from within the vehicles. Modern car locks and alarms are now excellent, but unfortunately the glass in the windows is still main point of entry. Better parking schemes have been introduced within hotel car parks. There have been vehicle crimes where work tools have been targeted, please ensure these vehicles are locked securely with additional locks and alarmed. If possible, please use your drive ways to park your vehicles. Ensure police are contacted if vehicles are being towed away from drive ways and contact police regarding any suspicious activities of tow trucks. Any abandoned vehicles reported are being checked by police and DVLA notified. Any suspicious activities around parked vehicles should be reported to police.
  • Anti Social Behaviour (Drugs)
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Taken/ Going to be Taken: We continue to monitor reports of anti social behaviour and Drug related crime. Areas which are brought to our attention are targeted during our patrols and where appropriate stop and search powers are used and drugs warrants have been executed. Planned operations have taken place targeting taxis in and around SIPSON where numerous tickets have been issued for illegal parking. Council has been advised over several ASB issues and action has been taken against these individuals and families. The team has been proactive and numerous cannabis warnings have been issued through good use of stop and search powers. Target fly tippers in conjunction with the council and mobile CCTV. Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Reduce burglary in SIPSON, and HARLINGTON
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: Increased high visibility patrols via Operation BUMBLE BEE. Improved reassurance to victims after a burglary and making residents in the near vicinity aware of the recent burglary. Offer of crime prevention advice to residents if they require advice. Crime prevention stalls during next two months in burglary hotspots.
Cllrs’ Money, Nelson & Khatra
Your Local Labour Councillors 

The Great Barn – Progress

Dear All

I was invited at the last Harmondsworth Residents meeting by Justine Bayley (The Secretary, Friends of The Great Barn) to visit the Great Barn on Sunday 10th August 2014. 

“The Great Barn was rescued by English Heritage after years of neglect, this Grade l listed barn ranks alongside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey for its exceptional architectural and historical interest and was dubbed the “Cathedral of Middlesex”. 

Built in 1426 by Winchester College as part of its manor farm at Harmondsworth, the Oak-framed barn is an outstanding example of medieval carpentry and contains one of the most intact interiors of its era. At nearly 60 meters long, 12 meters wide and 11 meters tall with 13 massive oak trusses holding up the roof, both its size and aisles evoke the space and shape of a cathedral. 

Having remained an agricultural barn for almost 600 years, the building continues to feature strongly in the life of the Harmondsworth community. Now under the managment of the Friends of the Great Barn at Harmondsworth, visitors to the barn will be able to absorb the awe-inspiring scale of the barn and enjoy this superb example of medieval architecture (Extract taken from The English Heritage)”.

Whilst on site I met with Veronica Rumsey, organiser for the recent WW1 Centenary Event and a volunteer for Freinds of the Great Barn who showed me the exterior of the Great Barn. I was then given a tour of the Great Barn by Justine Bayley and also also Dominic Barrington-Groves who is the site manager for the recent resoration project that is being under taken.

He said the following: “Work here is progressing well as we have been so lucky with the weather. We have started to strip the final third of the roof tiles which will enable us to survey this third and commence with the secondary remedial repairs to the common rafters etc. We are a third of the way through the primary timber frame repairs and shortly going to make a start on the vertical boarding. We have completed a third of the roof tiling and two thirds of the battening.The only difficulties we have come across is the un coving of the un foreseen timber primary and secondary frame repairs but this is to be expected to a certain extent”. The only difficulties we have come across is the un coving of the un foreseen timber primary and secondary frame repairs but this is to be expected to a certain extent”.

Below are some pictures that I took. The first picture is the exterior of the Great Barn with the roof tiles currently being replaced and the second picture is showing Roman numerals that were uncovered by the team which are 600 years old and shows where the two beams were joined togather. 

You still have a chance to visit the Great Barn this year, dont miss this opportunity to see the local history in your Village, it was a great experience and one I reccomend to everyone. 

  • Sunday 14th September 2014
  • Sunday 12th October 2014
Cllr Peter Money

Frequency of Litter Pickers in our ward – update

Dear All

We again requested a timetable for the frequency of litter pickers in the Heathrow Villages Ward and The London Borough of Hillingdon as a whole because it is still a cause of concern. The Council responded with the following statement: 

“Street cleansing is not undertaken on a ward by ward basis. Resources are allocated in a ‘need’ basis i.e. more resources placed into Hayes than into Northwood Hills for example. As a general guide all residential roads are litter picked once a week. Minor shopping parades will be attended to daily, and the larger town centres have cleansing on-going throughout the day”.

We, your local Councillors would like to add that if there is any specific street cleansing issue on your street, we would suggest that you get in contact with us so that we can either meet you on site or you can take a picture and email it over to us with the location. Lets work together to keep our villages clean. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Cllrs’ Money, Manjit and Nelson

Neighbourhood Watch – Harmondsworth Village

Dear All,

The following was passed onto us by PC Prior from the Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

 Dear Neighbour

Invitation to Join Neighbourhood Watch

I would like to inform you that I am currently looking to initiate a Neighbourhood Watch in the area.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community activity in partnership with the police and associated agencies. It is a useful deterrent to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

It’s your property, your community – help to make it more secure

At its most basic level, Neighbourhood Watch consists of a group of like-minded neighbours getting together to help reduce crime where they live and making their communities safer. It promotes community cohesion, improves awareness of crime prevention creating clear lines of communication to and from the police. It may also give you the opportunity to claim a discount on your household contents insurance premiums.

You can make a difference

If you are interested in being part of the Neighbourhood Watch organisation, by joining your local watch then, please contact us by phone or email.

PCSO Prior 7160XH

Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhoods team
020 8721 2557

Sign Replacement – Little Elms

Dear All,

We asked the Council to replace the sign for Little Elms, Harlington as it was in a very poor state.

The Council responded with the Following: “The two existing low level street nameplates for Little Elms J/W High Street, Harlington are damaged and need replacing.I have arranged for a new high-level, double-sided nameplate to be obtained and erected on a new post”.

Kind regards

Cllrs’ Money, Khatra & Nelson

Your Local Labour Councillors 

Noisy Birds!

Dear All,

Many locals have reported some noise problems with the birds, and we made an enquiry with the Council: Does The London Borough of Hillingdon monitor the number of birds in the local area and are you aware that parts of Heathrow Village seems to have been invaded by Parakeets? They have been around for many years but, this year, there are more than ever.

The Council responded: “We are aware that there are parakeets in The London Borough of Hillingdon, in fact most of Greater London and the South East has small flocks of the parakeets, and they are considered a non-native invasive species. However there are no plans at the present time to cull the population. We do not monitor the bird population within the borough. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds may have figures from their “Great British Bird Watch” but we wouldn’t ordinarily monitor bird populations”.

Although no action is currently being taken by the Council it is interesting to note that they are aware of the parakeets. We will contact The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to see if they will cause an concern to our Heathrow Villages fragile ecosystem. We will keep you updated with any correspondence we may have.

Kind regards

Cllrs’ Money. Nelson & Khatra  

Information – Bonfires

Dear All, 

Some information that was passed on to us by the Council after numerous complains of domestic bonfires from residents. We hope it helps.

Bonfires are not illegal however we do not encourage them as burning waste materials can cause pollution and local nuisance. Find out about domestic and commercial bonfires and how to report them.Household waste should not be burned on a bonfire as many items of household waste can be recycled.

If a domestic bonfire persistently causes significant nuisance from smoke or ash, an abatement notice can be served under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 section 80. Breach of an abatement notice is an offence that can result in a fine following a hearing at a Magistrates’ Court.

What the Council can do:

We will investigate reports of domestic bonfires which are causing a nuisance if:

· A single bonfire has smoldered or produced smoke for more than 24 hours continuously

· A series of bonfires are lit over a short period of time so as to cause a nuisance by their frequency.

What you can do
1. You are asked to download the diary sheet and complete it to establish that there is a pattern of significant nuisance.

2. You should then send in the diary sheet with your report so that the need for action can be assessed and an officer may contact the person responsible for the bonfires.

Some furthur information on Preventing a bonfire becoming a nuisance and things you should know before lighting a bonfire.
Occupiers of premises, both in smoke control areas and elsewhere are urged to observe the following simple conditions, before lighting fires in the open:

· never light a bonfire unless you are satisfied that weather conditions and wind directions are such that any smoke or ash will be carried away from your neighbours’ windows and gardens. Make sure there is no laundry drying in any adjoining gardens

· only burn natural and untreated material which is dry enough to be burned quickly and with a minimum of smoke

· soft vegetable waste and grass cuttings etc which are difficult to dry, should be composted or buried.

· do not burn oily rags, rubber and other materials likely to produce heavy or pungent smoke

· do not leave your fire to smolder for long periods and never leave it unattended. Hose it down until the bonfire is cold’ before you leave it

· advise neighbours before you light a bonfire

· burn material quickly in small quantities to minimise the amount of smoke created

· choose your bonfire site carefully, well away from trees, fences and windows. Beware of attempting bonfires on windy days as they can easily get out of control. Have a hosepipe or buckets of water handy.

· rake the ashes when cold into the soil as a useful fertiliser. Small pieces of charcoal can be included, but larger pieces should be picked out first

If, in spite of taking the above precautions, your bonfire smolders, put it out and wait for the material to dry before starting another bonfire.


Cllrs Money, Khatra and Nelson

Harlington Tree/ Bush Maintenance

Dear Residents

We recently contacted the Council because certain areas on High St Harlington were not being maintained to the high standard that they should be. Please see attached photos of brambles/ bushes that are not being maintained on the corner of West End Lane and High Street Harlington. They are an eye sore. The grass has been cut and maintained in the same location but the bushes have not. We asked the Council if it is the same team or do two separate teams maintain the green spaces?

The Council responded and actioned with the following statement: “Our grounds maintenance teams do maintain both the grass and shrubbery on public highways. Now the grass growth has slowed down this gives the team an opportunity to carry out maintenance on shrubs/vegetation along the highways.This area has been scheduled in to be completed by the end of next week”.


Cllrs’ Khatra, Money & Nelson

Cranford Lane – Traffic Calming Measures

Dear All,

We had the following email from a very concerned group of residents on Cranford Lane.

“I live on a road where it is 30 miles per hour zone. But as my house is on the border for the 30mph zone and 40mph zone we have been prone to a number of accidents by speeding motorists. On 11/7/14 I have been a victim of an accident where both cars of mine and my wife were parked outside our property and a speeding motorist drove into both our cars writing them off due to extent of the damage. Based on the damage and the skid mark I would speculate he was speeding in excess on 70 mph. The weather conditions were dry and sunny. This was the not the first time I have been a victim of this type of accident outside our house on this road. In feb 2013 I suffered similar accident due to a speeding motorist. Just 2 weeks ago exactly the same thing happened to my neighbours in an accident which involved a speeding motorist crashing into 4 cars. I have photos, insurance claims, police reference numbers etc all as proof of what has been going on. I understand hillingdon council recently surveyed this road with a camera and found that motorists were speeding in excess of 70 mph irrespective of time of day. There was also a survey sometime between 25 years ago (according to neighbours) that there were plans to install speed bumps to control this. This never came about. I request a response as to what can be done or who do I need to speak to to take this seriously as this is extremely stressful having to worry about the road that I have lived on for the past 2 years with a 4 year old child and a heavily pregnant wife”.

After raising this very distressing issue with The London Borough of Hillingdon your Councillors got the following positive response:

“The legal consultation for the raised tables started on the 30th July and will last for 21 days. Public notices have been attached to a post at the two locations and an advertisement was placed in the 30th July 2014 Uxbridge Gazette and London Gazette. The installation of the raised tables is programmed to start mid September 2014 subject to no objections being received and contractor resources. Warning signs will also be installed at the same time as the raised tables. Once we have a confirmed start date from the contractor we will let you know.

Your local Councillors are working very hard in the Villages to listen to your concerns and action them accoridingly. If you have any road safety issues please dont hesiate to contact us.

Kind regards
Cllrs’ Money, Nelson and Khatra 


Dear All,

Here is some informtion that has been sent to us by our freinds at the Yiewsley & West Drayton Town Centre Action Group that they would like to advertise on our community website. All persons are welcome to these events.

– The Y&WD Community Centre are having an informal Open afternoon this Bank Holiday Monday 25th from 2pm to 6pm. The   bar will be open and they are running a BBQ. Yiewsley and West Drayton Community Association, Harmondsworth Road, West Drayton, Middx. UB7 9JL.

– Older People’s Wellbeing Event in conjunction with the Y&WDTCAG – 19th Sept – see below for details. 

– Open House Weekend at St. Martin’s Church – 20th/20th Sept – see below for details.

– Community Quiz Night – 26th Sept – see below for details.


Cllrs’ Money, Nelson & Khatra