The Great Barn

Corner Doghurst Ave – Serious overgrowth attracting vermin

Reported to the Council on behalf of the residents of Doghurst Avenue and Boltons Lane:

There is some overgrowth of hedges etc at the corner of Doghurst Avenue (please see pics attached).

Residents are complaining that it is attracting rates and other vermin to the area. The poor state of Mondial way does not help the situation either.

Does this small path of land belong to Council? If so, can the hedges etc be but back as the green spaces team did on the corner of Oxford avenue, where the area is in a good state with no sign of vermin.

Crime Statistics – Heathrow Villages Ward

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

January 2015 February 2015
All crime 144 115
Anti-social behaviour 28 18
Bicycle theft 0 0
Burglary 6 7
Criminal damage and arson 8 7
Drugs 4 3
Other crime 1 1
Other theft 23 15
Possession of weapons 1 1
Public order 9 7
Robbery 2 4
Shoplifting 2 0
Theft from the person 1 2
Vehicle crime 25 15
Violence and sexual offences 34 35

Big Lottery Grant for Hillingdon Mind

Dear Fellow Residents

Excellent news for the community. Data suggests that mental health admissions come from wards which affect the south of the borough, with the majority of admissions being men and outpatients being women.

The Big Lottery Fund announced its latest round of “Reaching Communities” grants, which includes £175,000 for Hillingdon Mind

This grant will fund work over the next three years to support people with various levels of mental health problems gain access to training, volunteering and employment opportunities, and to increase their overall employability.

It will provide courses in developing job application skills, as well as mentoring and emotional support through the training/job search process.

Invitation from Harmondsworth Village

Dear Fellow Residents

On April 12th the Stop Heathrow Expansion group are welcoming all to Harmondsworth to raise awareness of the great threat to our communities.

Whilst this beautiful historic village is the one earmarked for demolition, it is merely a focus point to highlight all the villages that would be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by airport expansion.

Tens of thousands that would be adversely affected by noise and pollution might like to stand here and be counted now, prior to the general election, to ensure all political parties know people’s strength of feeling on this issue. Efforts to kick it into the long grass until we have already cast our votes must not be allowed to silence us. 

We have a number of photo opportunities on the day including: tree planting for the future on land that would be compulsory purchased, a boundary mural showing where the new airport fence is being forced upon us and the Great Barn, newly restored, will be open to the public for the first time this year

All visitors will be also be able to investigate the other historic and listed buildings, and the threatened natural delights of Harmondsworth Moor, with the help of guides and illustrated leaflets.

The two local pubs serve great food and fine beer making this potentially the most civilised opportunity to protest possible.