A Message from the Community Policing Team

A message from Inspector Dave George the senior officer in charge of community policing teams:

Dear Resident and Community member

Hello; My name is Inspector Dave George and I have recently taken
over as the senior police officer in charge of community policing teams for
West Drayton, Pinkwell, Heathrow Villages and Yiewsley wards. I’d like to introduce
myself to you. It is very important to me that I  spend as much time as I
can with my officers working to drive down crime and improve the quality of
life for the local community. Recently we have seen some significant crime
reductions in the key crime groups.

As a borough, key crimes such as Burglary & Robbery are down
on last years levels.

For example, Burglary is down  30.4%,  Robbery is down
44.2%, Theft OF a motor vehicle down 23.5%, Theft from a Motor vehicle 26% down
. These are superb reductions of serious crimes in our community but we cannot
be complacement  and I fully understand that any victim of these crimes is
one too many and leaves a victim in its wake.

I therefore intend to email you on a regular basis to inform you
all about the work YOUR community officers are carrying out to continue to
drive down Crime and Anti Social behaviour in your area. These emails will
inform you of some of the great work and results we have in our battles against
crime and also seek your assistance for Information and bring you the latest
updates on crime trends and crime prevention news.

In the last month community officers from the South Neighbourhood
policing team have made arrests of people in your area for a range of serious
offences including Fraud and Theft. Last week ,following a serious incident in
a local park where a dog became dangerously out of control, local community
officers have launched an investigation, have seized the dog in question and
have arrested the owner. This investigation is till currently ongoing.

Following another investigation by your local community officers a
male was sentenced to four years imprisonment following a trial at Isleworth
Crown court for supplying Class a drugs at the detention centres on the 
A4. This male attempted to take drugs into the centre and following a
painstaking investigation the offender was found guilty and is now behind bars.

Our engagement activity takes place daily and in the past few days
one of the local officers attended a local primary school and gave a Crime
Prevention message to the pupils and carried out security marking of the pupils
expensive personal belongings. On Saturday 04th October 2014 between 10am –
12pm PC RADETTE and PCSO WALSH  held a Crime Prevention Surgery at
Yiewsley Library. The surgery is held on a monthly basis and it gives the
residents of Yiewsley a chance to speak to police face to face. Please come and
along and meet the officers if you are passing by.

 These are just some examples of some of the good work your
officers are carrying out to drive down crime in the area. However I would
remind everybody to remain vigilant and report any incidents that concern you.
In an emergency call 999. If non emergency but you need to report an incident
or crime then the number is 101. The four community teams have mobile phones
when their on duty and these numbers are listed below for you. 

  • Heathrow Villages Ward  – 0208 721 2557
  • Yiewsley Ward – 0208 721 2713
  • Pinkwell Ward – 0208 721 2556
  • West Drayton Ward –  0208 721 2018

Finally, I would encourage all of you to please forward this email
onto any local residents, business members of friends living or working in the
area. If these contacts that you are aware of wish to receive regular email
contacts from the police then I would encourage people to complete the attached
form below and return it to me by email and I will ensure they are added to my
database of community contacts . I would also encourage those on Twitter to
follow us @MPSHillingdon where we circulate regular timely updates on local

I look forward to meeting with as many of you as I can over the
coming months and years and encourage you to approach me or my officers when
you see them patrolling your area.

Inspector David George   
South Sector NPT ,  Licensing & ASB

Hillingdon Borough Police
C/o  1 Warwick Place, Uxbridge ,Middlesex, UB8 1PG
Email: David.B.George@met.police.uk

UPDATE: Moor Lane Allotment Site – Stolen Gates

Dear All

We enquired about the missing gates to the Moor Lane Allotment Site, Harmondsworth.

The Green Spaces Team were notified by the Police on Tuesday morning (14/10/2014) that the railing gates to the site had been stolen. In response to this the Council immediately arranged for its fencing contractor to erect a temporary gating system and this is shown in the photo. 

Whilst this Herus fencing gating system is not as secure as railing gates, we are hopeful that it will protect the site from fly tipping and it will also provide some protection to the property of the allotment tenants while new railing gates are ordered from our fencing contractor.

Please be assured that the allotment holders have been made aware of the situation. The allotment Site Secretary, Mr Singh, was advised of the incident on Tuesday and the Council provided him with a further update about the matter during a telephone conversation with him.

Residents who have information relating to this matter can report it to the investigating officers on 020 8246 1855 quoting CAD 2802 and can be advised that we hope to have replacement railing gates installed within the next 4-6 weeks.

We will keep you updated and with the replacement of the railing gates.

Kind Regards

Cllr June Nelson, Cllr Peter Money and Cllr Manjit Khatra 

Your Local Labour Councillors 

Drop-in surgery Heathrow Villages SNT – Harlington Co-op 16 October 5.00 pm

Dear Villagers

Local policing is carried out on a day to day basis by the Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhood Team – Heathrow Villages SNT. Come and meet you local SNT team tonight at Harlington High Street – CO-OP stores. This stall starts at 17:00pm – 18:00pm.

Kind Regards 


Your Safer Neighbourhood Teams Priorities

Dear Residents,

The following is provided for your information, we hope it helps. Consultation with the community has identified the following three priorities in our neighbourhood. 

  1. Anti Social Behaviour – Drugs
  2. Burglary
  3. Theft from Motor Vehicles 
Heathrow Villages priorities are set by your local neighbourhood panel. The panel is made up of members of our community who meet regularly with the Police to discuss issues of concern in our area and how they will be resolved. The following gives you information about the priorities that have been set and the actions we are taking to tackle them. If you are interested in becoming a neighbourhood panel member please get in touch with us. Your Local Councillors are meeting with the local Policing team and the local neighbourhood panel, if you have any issues on your street that should be a priority for the police, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
  • Burglary 
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: A dedicated team now visit every victim of a burglary and crime prevention provided. The Metropolitan police are currently under taking operation Bumble Bee specifically targeting burglaries. We urge that you lock doors and windows and leave a light on when leaving the house empty during hours of darkness. Also ensure that access to the rear gardens is made difficult by locking gates. UPVC / multi-point locking doors should be properly locked by pulling the handle up and using a key to securely lock it. Please ensure you check the identification of services that knock on your door to confirm their identity. Log valuable items and their serial numbers on the immobilise website on https://www.immobilise.com. Any suspicious behaviour to be reported to police. We have delivered Burglary leaflets and updated residents of any burglaries within the neighbourhood to increase awareness. Numerous police activities have been conducted and the continuation of a burglary victim task force is still being utilised. We are trying to set up Neighbourhood watches within the ward, so please contact your SNT if you would like to discuss this further. Crime prevention advice is available so please contact us or visit http://www.met.police.uk/Site/crimeprevention.
  • Motor Vehicle Crime
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: The Hotel Watch scheme helps to encourage crime reduction measures in the car parks. This is proving successful in reducing vehicle crime. Please do not leave anything of value on show in your vehicle. Satellite navigation units including the casing must be removed from within the vehicles. Modern car locks and alarms are now excellent, but unfortunately the glass in the windows is still main point of entry. Better parking schemes have been introduced within hotel car parks. There have been vehicle crimes where work tools have been targeted, please ensure these vehicles are locked securely with additional locks and alarmed. If possible, please use your drive ways to park your vehicles. Ensure police are contacted if vehicles are being towed away from drive ways and contact police regarding any suspicious activities of tow trucks. Any abandoned vehicles reported are being checked by police and DVLA notified. Any suspicious activities around parked vehicles should be reported to police.
  • Anti Social Behaviour (Drugs)
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Taken/ Going to be Taken: We continue to monitor reports of anti social behaviour and Drug related crime. Areas which are brought to our attention are targeted during our patrols and where appropriate stop and search powers are used and drugs warrants have been executed. Planned operations have taken place targeting taxis in and around SIPSON where numerous tickets have been issued for illegal parking. Council has been advised over several ASB issues and action has been taken against these individuals and families. The team has been proactive and numerous cannabis warnings have been issued through good use of stop and search powers. Target fly tippers in conjunction with the council and mobile CCTV. Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Reduce burglary in SIPSON, and HARLINGTON
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: Increased high visibility patrols via Operation BUMBLE BEE. Improved reassurance to victims after a burglary and making residents in the near vicinity aware of the recent burglary. Offer of crime prevention advice to residents if they require advice. Crime prevention stalls during next two months in burglary hotspots.
Cllrs’ Money, Nelson & Khatra
Your Local Labour Councillors 

Neighbourhood Watch – Harmondsworth Village

Dear All,

The following was passed onto us by PC Prior from the Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

 Dear Neighbour

Invitation to Join Neighbourhood Watch

I would like to inform you that I am currently looking to initiate a Neighbourhood Watch in the area.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community activity in partnership with the police and associated agencies. It is a useful deterrent to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

It’s your property, your community – help to make it more secure

At its most basic level, Neighbourhood Watch consists of a group of like-minded neighbours getting together to help reduce crime where they live and making their communities safer. It promotes community cohesion, improves awareness of crime prevention creating clear lines of communication to and from the police. It may also give you the opportunity to claim a discount on your household contents insurance premiums.

You can make a difference

If you are interested in being part of the Neighbourhood Watch organisation, by joining your local watch then, please contact us by phone or email.

PCSO Prior 7160XH

Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhoods team
020 8721 2557 heathrowvillages.snt@met.police.uk