Heathrow Villages Forum Launch Event

Heathrow villages plan
Dear Villagers

You are invited to...
The launch of a neighbourhood forum for the Heathrow Villages.

Where and when?
Thursday 27th November, 6:30pm – 9pm, Sipson Community Centre (Sipson Way, Sipson, Middlesex, UB7 0DP ).

Meet at 6:30pm for refreshments and introductions.

To do what?
To officially launch the Heathrow Villages Forum and start influencing community planning issues.

We need to:
Confirm the boundary of the area to be included in our neighbourhood plan, agree our constitution, elect the committee and officersand plan our next event, which will be a community consultation in the Heathrow Villages

If you have any queries or suggestions, please visit our website or contact us by email: heathrowvillagesplanning@gmail.com

Please pass this invitation on to any others who might be interested.



Berkley Meadows – Playground Refurbishment

Dear Villagers

We are proud to announce that Berkley Meadows Playground will be refurbished in the early part of 2015 as part of its Chrysalis Programme.

Over the past year many new trees have been planted and picnic benches have been put in place. The play area (pictured below) will be increased in size and be completely refurbished.

Something we are looking forward to and welcome in Heathrow Villages.

We will update you once this has occurred.

Please contact us if you would like any further information.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra
Your local Labour Councillors

Annual Sipson Village Christmas Event

Hello everyone,

Gearing up for the annual village Christmas events now!

Monday 1st December, 3:30pm, set up from 2:30pm, Sipson Road, beside Zayani restaurant/ opposite the Post Office

Once again Heathrow Primary School Choir will be singing carols, Cherry Lane Children’s Centre will be running Christmas decoration making, and volunteers will be running a raffle and serving drinks and snacks for our annual Christmas gathering in the village. It has been very cheering to find these groups have all contacted me this year to confirm the event is happening and get organised -all our hard work in getting the events going in previous years has paid off, and we have created some firm shared village traditions that I believe can and very much hope will continue into the future.

 Following last year’s very sad theft of the village Christmas tree, we have taken a different tack and planted a lovely cherry tree to call our village tree. It is still young, but doing well, and in years to come we hope to display lights on that to mark the season. This year, as the tree is still a bit small to decorate, we will use the surrounding trees on the green to ensure we can enjoy our usual count down to Light the Lights!

The poster is attached, please tell all your friends and family, do come along and join us, and if you can spare the time, we’d appreciate help with setting up the gazebos, serving drinks, and selling raffle tickets on the day – all help welcome! We also would like to display posters in the village, so if you can do so, please pop into Hair By Jackie’s from this Thursday to collect one or more.

 In previous years this event has had a brilliant turn out from across the community, I’m hoping this year will be no exception!

Burglary on Holloway Lane

Dear Villagers

An update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team:

Just to let you know there was a burglary on the 3rd of November
2014 between 800 – 1645 hours on Holloway Lane.  If you could let
neighbours know to keep everything locked and keep an eye out for any
suspicious people in the village.

Lindsey Prior
PCSO 7160 XH
Safer Neighbourhood Team
Heathrow Villages
Metropolitan Police Hillingdon
Phone:          07917013238 /
0203761265 / 02087212557

Metphone:    711265

E-mail:          Lindsey.j.prior@met.pnn.police.uk

WW1 Film – Harmondsworth

Dear All

The film of the WW1 event held in the village on 20th June 2014 is now available. It is 35 mins long.  If anyone wants a copy we are selling them for £10 which goes towards the cost of producing it.

You can email  veronica.rumsey@btinternet.com or she will be available in the church tonight, with copies  on the 13th November for the launch of the STOP HEATHROW EXPANSION campaign.

Fly tipping – outside Harlington Hospice

Dear All

Yet again more rubbish/ fly-tipping has accumulated after the weekend outside the Harlington Hospice, High St Harlington. This time the street was blocked and residents using wheel chairs or children in prams could not pass.

We have reported this to the Council and it has now been cleared up.

We have requested for CCTV at this fly-tipping hotspot and the petition still has not been heard by the Council.



Finger Sign Post – Harmondsworth Village – UPDATE

Dear Villagers

GOOD NEWS – We recently asked the Council that a signpost similar to the one in the picture above be placed at the entrance of Harmondsworth Village as requested by the residents.

Previously, on the 20th July 2014 we requested that a sign be placed at the entrance of  Historic Harmondsworth Village to point tourists in the right direction. As you may be aware The Great Barn is a historic Grade I listed building (same a Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament) that is currently being renovated to its original self – with extensive conservation works due to be completed at the end of this year. The Village does not currently meet the criteria for an english  heritage sign but the one requested would be beneficial to the area.

The residents of  Harmondsworth are requesting for the sign below to include sign posts with the following points of interest for tourists when entering Historic Harmondsworth.

– The Great Barn
– St Marys the Virgin Church
– Barnes Wallis Memorial 

Thanks to our persistence on this matter – the finger sign post has now been approved by the Council and we will update you once we have the installation date.

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra
Your Local Labour Councillors 

More Fly-tipping outside Harlington Hospice

Dear Villagers

The weekend is over and there has been a substantial amount of fly-tipping outside the Harlington Hospice on High street Harlington. If anyone saw this occur can you please contact us or the Police on 111.

This is disgusting behaviour and will not be tolerated in the villages. It has been reported to the Council and should be removed by the street cleansing team.


Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra