Christmas Lights in Heathrow Villages !

Dear All

We are please to advise that funding has been approved this year for a festive/ Christmas lights scheme in Heathrow Villages that Kate and your Councillors initiated. 

The lights will be in the following location:

  • Harmondsworth Village – festive lights on 4 lamp columns within the area in front of the The Five Bells public house are due to be installed and illuminated end of November.
  • Sipson Village – festive lights on 13 lamp columns in Sipson Road (starting from Harmondsworth Lane through to Vincent Close are due to be installed and illuminated end of November.
  • Harlington Village – festive lights on 10 lamp columns in the High Street (starting from the Red Lion public house through to just beyond Providence Lane) are due to be installed and illuminated mid November.

We hope this brings a bit more Christmas Cheer to Heathrow Villages!
Your local Labour Councillors 

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Success on Harlington High St – More street cleansing!

Dear Villagers 

The Bins near The White Heart Pub, Opp Harlington Hospice, The Village green and Harlington Corner are constantly overflowing with rubbish as we have brought to your attention on numerous occasions. Many resident have also contacted us with these issues. 

Currently the bins are only emptied once a week and this frequency needs to be increased along with street sweeping. Our understanding from previous emails from the Council have stated that litter collection on communal bins are done once a week and are implemented into the plan on a need-by-need basis. As you know, the corner of High Street Harlington up to the White heart pub sees a large population of Airport Workers, Taxi drivers, free bus services and Tourists which are not being taken into account this makes Harlington High St as busy as a shopping high street.

Can we request that Bins on the high street be cleared more than once a week and the high street is also swept more frequently. This is a very reasonable request for a busy high street – we also mentioned that the tourists first impression of London just so happens to be The London Borough of Hillingdon. 

After a meeting with the street cleansing manager, they assured us that the litter bin will be emptied by the solo operator twice a day and hopefully this will solve the problem. We have a very hardworking solo operator who is more than willing to help keep our street clean – it is worth mentioning that our solo operator does not work weekends, like other areas, nevertheless this is a win for Heathrow Villages. Your local Labour Councillors are leading the fight to clean up Heathrow Villages.

Hopefully we wont see the bins like the pictures below. If you have any other queries regarding this issue or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Kind regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr Manjit Khatra and Cllr June Nelson

Last Chance to Reinstate the Cranford Cross Polling Station

Dear All

We have previously reported on the closure of the polling station in Sipson. We are also fighting to reinstate the temporary Polling station that was present in Cranford Cross on the green area of Oxford Avenue. At present, your polling station is the Scouts Hut in Harlington, again this is some distance away from where the residents actually live – we feel that the Council are deliberately targeting persons who are elderly or those with disabilities. 

The residents living in Cranford Cross used to walk a very short distance to Vote and now they have to travel by Car or public transport – which again is not every user-friendly to get to the HD5 polling station in Harlington. The number of polling place electorates in the HD5 stations is 3618, this is a very large number of residents visiting the polling station. Although HD5, Scouts Hut is a suitable polling station for Harlington and its local residents who can vote it is not suitable for this high number as it is a small station with very limited parking. Many residents on the day were complaining on the lack of car parking space and the fact that it was so busy, creating problems for walkers and the local residents residing in the flats and houses next to the Harlington Scouts Hut Polling station. Residents in Cranford Cross were also complaining that there right to vote was taken away when the temporary Polling station was taken away. 

During the 2014 Council elections many residents stated to us that if the polling station were walking distance than they would have voted – we even gave lifts to 3 elderly voters who did not have any tranportation on the day. 

Heathrow Villages also has a large population of persons who work shifts in the airport doing either early, late or night shifts as such walking to the polling stations in the Heathrow Villages will is an absolute necessity.

As mentioned before, Heathrow Villages had a 32.2% voter turnout for 2014 which is a relatively average number when compared with other wards throughout Hillingdon Borough and even the country. There has overall been a low turnout in the local elections and moving the polling stations further away can only contribute to this. Having a polling station walking distance from your house can only encourage more residents to vote – simple!

The council is accepting comments on the proposals from residents and we would urge you to have your say.

Representations can be made in writing (before 30th September) to:

London Borough of Hillingdon – Electoral Services
 Civic Centre 
High Street 
Uxbridge, UB8 1UW
or by email at

We will also be spending this weekend door knocking in Cranford asking residents to sign a petition/ letters of support to reinstated the polling station on Oxford Avenue. 


Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra

Your Heathrow Villagers Councillors

Road resurfacing – Opp The Village Green, Harlington

Dear Villagers

Please see the road surface outside The Village Green Park, Harlington. This is located directly outside The Harlington Baptist Church Hall (266 High St Harlington). The road is in a very poor state and needs to be resurfaced. We believe it has been ignored because it is hidden away. It needs some Urgent Remedial Works as the potholes are very deep and damaging cars. This area is also more prone to flooding to may need the drainage checked. 

The Council has has responded by stating that they have issued orders to have a large Rhino-patch to be carried out. The Council have also said that the drainage will be investigated. 

If you have any concerns similar to this, please dont hesitate to contact us. 

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson & Cllr Manjit Khatra

More Fly-tipping in the Villages

Dear Villagers

The hard working Hillingdon Council workers from the ‘street cleansing team’ have removed a big pile of fly-tipping which was located outside Harlington Hospice. See the pictures below and you can see how much there was. Unfortunately this is now a weekly occurrence … how long until we have the same amount of rubbish again? as well as attracting vermin it is a real eyesore. Can we the villagers not work together to stop this from happening? Please report anyone you may see anonymously. 

We are already pressing the Council to place CCTV in these hotspots and we have now requested for the street cleansing to keep these locations on their rounds, so it is consistently cleared away and not just when its a big pile.

If you have any suggestions it would also be great to hear them. 


Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson & Cllr Manjit Khatra 

Your Heathrow Villages Councillors 

Harmondsworth Residents Meeting – 9th August 2014

St Marys ChurchDear All

The Harmondsworth advice surgery was held on the 9th August 2014 in Harmondsworth Village at St Mary’s Church Hall. The role of the advice surgery is for the Councillors to engage local residents who can drop in and talk to their local representatives, ask questions and seek advice with any problems that they may be having in their community. All Councillors were present at the surgery. It was a very positive meeting with a lot of residents sharing various concerns that they have. Below is a list of the concerns that the residents of Harmondsworth have that can be made public. This list was complied and sent to various officers in the Council:

  • If the Heathrow Villages Community raise the money for the CCTV cameras will the Council Monitor it?
  • Who monitors the CCTV cameras in Cowley which have been their for a long time?
  • Why hasn’t anyone finished the cycling works on Holloway lane. The workers have not been seen in approximately 2 weeks. Has the money run out mid project? and will they be replacing the fence posts back to its original position?
  • Where has the £50,000 gone fro the saving on hatch Lane? Has it been relocated to the holloway lane project?
  • Council waste collectors are not picking up waste from the fallen bags. Is it normal practise for the waste collecting staff to pile all of the rubbish bins from all the houses in one location, this is occurring and the waste that has fallen will not be picked up.
  • Again the waste collectors are piling up the recycling bags and the bags are not being returned to their original owners or even back to their property. Resident have to go out “hunting” for their recycling bags in other peoples gardens – again is this normal practise?
  • Can the street cleaners come after the waste collection day in all of the villages. No point sending them one day before the waste collection day. Can we have the waste collection day for all the areas in Heathrow Villages and also the street cleaning schedule for Heathrow Villages?
  • Can you alternate the times that the traffic wardens are patrolling the schools in Heathrow villages? It may be an idea to alternate the days the traffic wardens are present at schools, so that the wardens schedule varies from week to week.
  • The Bus stop opposite the Harlington scouts hut and adjacent to The White Heart Pub (158 High Street Harlington) needs its Red Bus Stop floor markings redone. The Bus comes around the Blind corner and the bus does not stop in time for the elderly residents who may not be fast enough to get up from the bust stop.
  • The Moor Harmondsworth, possibly illegal rave two weekends in a row (26th & 27th July and 2nd & 3rd August). Are the council aware of this and are they monitoring the sounds and nuisance levels?
  • On the back of Moor Lane, the river has not been dredged. Is their a maintenance plan in place for the dredging of the rivers so that it wont flood in the winter?
  • How does Heathrow Airport Limited measure its sound levels in the Villages and surrounding areas?
  • Is there a definition of ‘normal’ noise level from Heathrow Airport?
  • How does the Council monitor that these noise levels are being met or are they taking the airports word on it?
  • Many residents complaining of late/night flights and noisy flights which seem to be getting worse what can be done for the residents?
If you have any similar concern in your Street please don’t hesitate to contact your local Councillors.
Kind Regards
Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra 
Heathrow Villages Ward Councillors 

The Harlington REsidents Association – THREAd

Dear All,

Your Local Councillors were approached by local residents in Harlington. These residents are very passionate about their local community and wanted to set up a residents association to address issues within their local area and act as a voice for their local community.

Their was an annual general meeting held in The Harlington Baptist Church Hall on the 13th August 2014 and approved by the Councils Engagement team on the 3rd September 2014.

The following officers have been nominated to the group:

  1. Chairman: Mr John Bircham 
  2. Vice Chair: Mr Piara Kalsi
  3. Secretary: Mr Tony Gill
  4. Treasurers: Ms Shimmer Gill & Ms Najmo Ali

Mission Statement of THREAd:

The Harlington Residents Association (THREAd) is a non-profit organisation consisting of a group of residents to promote the interests and well-being of the people living in the areas of Harlington and Cranford Cross which acts as a forum for residents views on matters which concern their community and/ or the areas in which they live, including communicating with the relevant authorities, such as the local Council.

The organisation will strive to work in an open, transparent and welcoming manner at all times. Discrimination on any grounds including gender, cultural background, race, colour, disability, nationality, political, religion will not be tolerated from any member or any person who has an affiliation with THREAd.

The Objectives of THREAd are:

  • To conserve the harmonious and homogenous nature of the area
  • To foster a sense of community spirit and neighbourhood pride.
  • To provide a louder and more organised “voice” of the community with governmental bodies including the The London Borough of Hillingdon.
  • To provide an organised liaison with other community associations.
Please contact Mr John Bircham (Chairman) if you have any local issues on:  

Kind regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra

Your Local Labour Councillors