Berkley Meadows – Playground Refurbishment

Dear Villagers

We are proud to announce that Berkley Meadows Playground will be refurbished in the early part of 2015 as part of its Chrysalis Programme.

Over the past year many new trees have been planted and picnic benches have been put in place. The play area (pictured below) will be increased in size and be completely refurbished.

Something we are looking forward to and welcome in Heathrow Villages.

We will update you once this has occurred.

Please contact us if you would like any further information.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra
Your local Labour Councillors

Harmondsworth Planters

Harmondsworth_trough.JPGDear Villagers

Your Labour Councillors asked officers from the Council why the flowers in the planters around the villages were being ignored by The London Borough of Hillingdon. Officer from the Council explained that the planters on the railings were purchased in 2011 funded by a grant from Hillingdon Community Trust to the Harmondsworth Village Allotments Horticultural Association for a project titled Harmondsworth & Sipson regeneration through plants. This grant of £4k was spent on the planters and  jointly working with Grow Heathrow members of the local community planted and maintained them. Last autumn the Council helped by supplying and planting the plants, as we did this summer.

The Council said that they were never asked and never agreed that they would maintain them. However, thanks to your Labour Councillors they have now been added to the green spaces maintenance schedule with contractors stating that they will now adopt these planters to ensure they are at the same standard as the rest of our displays across the borough. This will be carried out within the next two weeks.

The bedding displays outside the pub has been cleared of the summer plants in readiness for the delivery of plants and bulbs to be planted for the winter and spring displays. The delivery of plants and bulbs from the grower is scheduled for mid October.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra

Thames21 Hillingdon Events 18th and 19th October

cranford_park.JPGDear All

Please see events that are occurring around the villages this weekend (18th – 19th October 2014) 

  • The next event is going to be straight after the above at Cranford Park. Starting at the information Centre again but at 12:15pm on Saturday October 18th. We are going to be completing the Riverfly Monitoring Survey. If you have an interest in the natural environment, this is a great way to learn some identification skills and find out the pressures of pollution on the River Crane. This event will be catered for all ages and families are encouraged to come and attend. Full details,
  • If the river fly monitoring interests you, you may also be interested in the following, Vince Cable will be chairing a public meeting regarding pollution on the River Crane. Please RSVP for the night with the organisers (link is in the article) and if you wish to ask a question on the night you have to post it beforehand. The meeting is going to be taking place October 31st7-8pm at Whitton Community Centre. I am not the person organising this event so please do not email me saying you wish to attend.
  • The last event over the weekend is taking place on the Grand Union Canal, Hayes. We are going to be doing a litter pick of the area which is greatly needed as well as cutting back vegetation to increase visibility on the Grand Union Canal. The event is going to be starting at ‘Western View’ at 10:30am on Sunday 19th October and full details are,
  • Regarding the plantation and work taking place at Western View, thank you to everyone who emailed me back with their input. I am going to be presenting the information to the Hillingdon Canals Partnership on Friday 17thOctober.
  • I am looking for 6 groups to volunteer 2 hours twice per year as a team building day during the weekend or weekday. The aim is to help look after this area by the Grand Union canal, Hayes as it is in desperate need of more long term support. My funding, kindly given by the Hillingdon Community Trust, is going to be ending in September 2015. Thames21 has a training course, Leading a Waterways Clean Up,  which is free and some people in your organisation can put the qualification on their CV as  team management and leadership skills. It will also mean your organisation is fully insured to do such events on any waterway, something which you could add to your sustainability policy even as a Non-Government Organisation. Details of the training course can be found,

Best Regards

Hillingdon and Reading Project Officer
Thames21 – bringing London’s waterways to life

Success on Harlington High St – More street cleansing!

Dear Villagers 

The Bins near The White Heart Pub, Opp Harlington Hospice, The Village green and Harlington Corner are constantly overflowing with rubbish as we have brought to your attention on numerous occasions. Many resident have also contacted us with these issues. 

Currently the bins are only emptied once a week and this frequency needs to be increased along with street sweeping. Our understanding from previous emails from the Council have stated that litter collection on communal bins are done once a week and are implemented into the plan on a need-by-need basis. As you know, the corner of High Street Harlington up to the White heart pub sees a large population of Airport Workers, Taxi drivers, free bus services and Tourists which are not being taken into account this makes Harlington High St as busy as a shopping high street.

Can we request that Bins on the high street be cleared more than once a week and the high street is also swept more frequently. This is a very reasonable request for a busy high street – we also mentioned that the tourists first impression of London just so happens to be The London Borough of Hillingdon. 

After a meeting with the street cleansing manager, they assured us that the litter bin will be emptied by the solo operator twice a day and hopefully this will solve the problem. We have a very hardworking solo operator who is more than willing to help keep our street clean – it is worth mentioning that our solo operator does not work weekends, like other areas, nevertheless this is a win for Heathrow Villages. Your local Labour Councillors are leading the fight to clean up Heathrow Villages.

Hopefully we wont see the bins like the pictures below. If you have any other queries regarding this issue or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Kind regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr Manjit Khatra and Cllr June Nelson

Harlington Doorstep Walk Park

Dear Villagers

We recently visited Harlington Doorstep Walk Park which has access from the back of Bolton’s Lane & Field Close and found that it had been neglected. We forwarded the following enquires to the Council, so that they could action them:

  • Sign is graffitied – needs maintenance/ cleaning.
  • The Sign Post in the park has fallen down, needs to be put back into place.
  • There is no litter bin in the area and as such there is rubbish every where, is it possible to put a litter bin near the benches or the Bolton’s Lane entrance of the park?
  • A thorough litter pick needs to be done of the park. The park is in a  very poor state.
  • There is also no red dog waste bin in the area, again dog faces in the area.
We had an initial response from the Council and they were not sure if the park was Council owned or not and they thought that it might be private.
We eventually got a response from the Council stating that this walk was created many years ago in partnership with Green Corridor, however this arrangement was no longer in place and the area should be maintained in line with the current maintenance schedules by the Council.

We can now see why the park was not maintained and arrangements have now been put in place by the Council to rectify the points that we have raised. The Council will install a litter bin and a dog waste bin within the next three to four weeks and we have asked for an update once the works have been completed.


Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra 

Your Local Village Councillors