Harmondsworth Planters

Harmondsworth_trough.JPGDear Villagers

Your Labour Councillors asked officers from the Council why the flowers in the planters around the villages were being ignored by The London Borough of Hillingdon. Officer from the Council explained that the planters on the railings were purchased in 2011 funded by a grant from Hillingdon Community Trust to the Harmondsworth Village Allotments Horticultural Association for a project titled Harmondsworth & Sipson regeneration through plants. This grant of £4k was spent on the planters and  jointly working with Grow Heathrow members of the local community planted and maintained them. Last autumn the Council helped by supplying and planting the plants, as we did this summer.

The Council said that they were never asked and never agreed that they would maintain them. However, thanks to your Labour Councillors they have now been added to the green spaces maintenance schedule with contractors stating that they will now adopt these planters to ensure they are at the same standard as the rest of our displays across the borough. This will be carried out within the next two weeks.

The bedding displays outside the pub has been cleared of the summer plants in readiness for the delivery of plants and bulbs to be planted for the winter and spring displays. The delivery of plants and bulbs from the grower is scheduled for mid October.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra

UPDATE: Moor Lane Allotment Site – Stolen Gates

Dear All

We enquired about the missing gates to the Moor Lane Allotment Site, Harmondsworth.

The Green Spaces Team were notified by the Police on Tuesday morning (14/10/2014) that the railing gates to the site had been stolen. In response to this the Council immediately arranged for its fencing contractor to erect a temporary gating system and this is shown in the photo. 

Whilst this Herus fencing gating system is not as secure as railing gates, we are hopeful that it will protect the site from fly tipping and it will also provide some protection to the property of the allotment tenants while new railing gates are ordered from our fencing contractor.

Please be assured that the allotment holders have been made aware of the situation. The allotment Site Secretary, Mr Singh, was advised of the incident on Tuesday and the Council provided him with a further update about the matter during a telephone conversation with him.

Residents who have information relating to this matter can report it to the investigating officers on 020 8246 1855 quoting CAD 2802 and can be advised that we hope to have replacement railing gates installed within the next 4-6 weeks.

We will keep you updated and with the replacement of the railing gates.

Kind Regards

Cllr June Nelson, Cllr Peter Money and Cllr Manjit Khatra 

Your Local Labour Councillors 

Health Watch Hillingdon – Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Dear Villagers

Please see the following from the Chief Executive Officer for Health watch Hillingdon. 

“I do not know if you are aware but the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for the borough is currently being consulted upon. The following is a link.


This is an ideal opportunity to highlight the lack of pharmacy services in the Heathrow Villages. The document itself shows, what we already know, that the only provision in the Heathrow Villages is a chemist in Harlington and the 2 Boots at Heathrow Airport.

I have raised this with Hillingdon Public Health and have committed to obtaining village residents experiences of using pharmacy services.

The consultation is until 23rd November 2014 and I would like to gather evidence from as many residents as possible, as to where they go for their pharmacy services, their thoughts about accessing this service, and what effect it would have upon them if a pharmacy was available in the villages.

If you are able to help me gather this information and take this opportunity to raise again the lack of pharmacy provision in the Heathrow Villages please could you contact me”.

Kind regards


Graham Hawkes
Chief Executive Officer

Healthwatch Hillingdon
20 Chequers Square
The Pavilions Shopping Centre

Tel: 01895 272997
Web: http://www.healthwatchhillingdon.org.uk

Tories Breach The Local Authority Publicity Code

Hillingdon-PeopleDear All

As readers of your local Gazette you will no doubt appreciate the vital contribution that a healthy local press makes to a thriving democracy. The impartiality that allows this paper to produce a monthly column for leaders of both political parties represented on the Council, is something that should not be taken for granted. Contrast this with your Council newssheet Hillingdon People. This tax-payer funded publication makes no attempt at such even-handedness. Instead it provides an indulgent level of exposure for the Council Leader and Cabinet members and rarely invites contributions from elected members of the Opposition, even regarding matters affecting their wards.

It is this principle of supporting an independent local press that led Kris Hopkins MP, to write to Hillingdon (as well as six other councils) on 15st August 2014, pointing out that the publication of our newssheet, Hillingdon People, is currently in breach of the Local Authority Publicity Code.  The Publicity Code aims to prevent Local Authority news sheets, published by local authorities, funded by tax-payers, and providing biased commentary .and publicity for the leading local party, from creating unfair competition for the local free press.

We do not know how the Leader chose to respond to this communication. However, we do know that Eric Pickles MP for Communities intends to take legal action against Council’s who do not comply with the Code. We also know that this issue was discussed at our latest Council Meeting last Thursday, 11th September, and the Conservatives rejected the motion, put forward by Labour, that Hillingdon should comply fully with the Publicity Code.

In contrast to your local free press Hillingdon People makes no attempt at even-handedness. For example, as Leader of the Opposition, I was at no time offered the opportunity to contribute to articles on such issues as Heathrow Airport, HS2 or the closure of South Ruislip Civic Amenity Centre.  There is rarely any reference to elected members outside the Leader, the Cabinet and the Mayor.

And it doesn’t stop there. In addition to Hillingdon People the publicity machine steps up a gear every 4 years just before local elections with distribution of a further, ward-level, publication. Even the individual elected Ward Councillors were not consulted on the content of this publication, which included an address from the Leader of the Council and content prepared by Cabinet members.

As readers of your local free newspaper you will appreciate the balanced view, and superior scrutiny that an independent press can provide. It is easy to take it for granted. Our neighbours in Hammersmith and Fulham have been without a local newssheet holding the council to account since April 2014 when the Fulham and Hammersmith Gazette was closed. The F&H Gazette had been involved in a long running legal battle with London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham over their frequent publication of a rival newssheet. Ultimately this legal battle was successful, forcing LBHF to reduce the frequency of their publication. Unfortunately, despite this, the paper went out of business with the loss of 15 jobs in their Uxbridge Offices (now moved to Watford). These offices also serve several other West London newspapers. If the administration at Hillingdon does not comply with the Publicity Code I can envisage a negative impact on our local free press across West London.

Leader of the Labour Party
London Borough of Hillingdon

Join the Neighbourhood Forum

Heathrow Villages Planning Committee invites you to join in with creating a neighbourhood plan for the Heathrow Villages, Sipson, Harmondsworth and Harlington

“The Neighbourhood Plan will give our villages a say in development decisions that have, in the past, been difficult to influence in a meaningful way.  It’s particularly important for this area, which has suffered the blight caused by airport-related development for decades.”

What can you do?

* Join the Neighbourhood Forum.
* Help us with publicity, online media and awareness in the villages.

* Plan an event to find out how local people want the area to develop.

* Think about what you think the villages need and how you want them to develop and let us know!

Email: heathrowvillagesplanning@gmail.com
Twitter: @HRWplanning
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HRWvillagesplanning

Heathrow villages plan

Carriage Resurfacing – Summerhouse Lane and Vineries Close

Dear Villagers 

As part of this year’s carriageway resurfacing programme, works are to be carried out on Summerhouse Lane and Vineries Close, in the week commencing 20 October 2014. The Council will place notices on the street giving the actual start date. The hours of working will be 8.00am to 4.30pm (Monday to Saturday).

The start date and duration period are subject to weather conditions and other unforeseen problems.

This is excellent news for Heathrow Villages and we are fighting to get more roads resurfaced. If you have any concerns regarding these works, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra

Your Local Labour Councillors 

Harmondsworth Residents Meeting – Saturday 18th October

St Marys Church

Dear All

For the attention of Heathrow Villages Residents

The monthly meeting of Heathrow Villages residents and Ward Councillors will take place on:

Saturday 18 October 2014
10.00 am – 12 noon
St Mary’s Church Hall, Harmondsworth

Many residents do not use e-mail so it would be helpful if you would spread the word about these meetings.


Flooding on Blossom Way – Update

Dear All

We have just had an email from a very happy resident from Blossom Way. You can probably remember the flooding that took place on Blossom Way from an earlier post.

Resident: “I would like to say a big thank you for your help about the flooding in Blossom way they have been out and sorted problem we’ve had rain and no more foods so far so now I’m hoping the problem has been solved thanks to you your help has been much appreciated shame theirs not more people like you!”.

Hopefully the floods which occured on Blossom Way (pictures below) are a thing of the past. The Council are still working on fixing the drainage and we will keep you updated as this occurs. 

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra



Neighbourhood Watch update

Neighbourhood_watch.JPGPlease see information for Harmondsworth Residents, particularly residents in Hatch Lane and Zealand Close. Please ensure your neighbours, not on e-mail, are made aware and if you have any information which could be of assistance please contact your Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhood Team. Contact details below.

 Dear Resident

Unfortunately there has been an attempted garage burglary on Hatch Lane which took place on the 7th of October 2014 between 2045 – 2055 hours. Also Zealand Avenue have had a residential burglary where entry was gained through the front door on the 3rd of October 2014 between 1730 – 2330 hours, if any one has information please pass on our number.  
Lindsey Prior
PCSO 7160 XH
Safer Neighbourhood Team 
Heathrow Villages
Metropolitan Police Hillingdon
( Phone:          07917013238 / 0203761265
( Metphone:    711265
2 Fax:              02032761266
:  E-mail:          Lindsey.j.prior@met.pnn.police.uk
+ Mail:             HEATHROW POLICE Station, POLAR PARK SNT, UB7 0DG

WW1 film showing/ S.H.E event

Dear All

An excellent event by the residents of Harmondsworth showing true community spirit. The WW1 film was an excellent production and we would recommend it. More details on where you can see/ purchase the film will be available soon.

This event was partnered with S.H.E (Stop Heathrow Expansion); S.H.E representatives will be doing a presentation explaining why residents have no option but to vigorously fight this latest set of expansion plans.

There is another showing if the film tonight at 7.30 so come and see it for yourself!