New Road – litter on Land belonging to Harlington community School

Reported to Council officers for Action:

There is a large build up of rubbish long the whole length of New Road on the land owned by Harlington Community School. The pictures attached show that it is a serious problem with all sorts of litter including bottles, cans etc.

There is not a problem on the West End Lane side of the land and is exclusively present along New Road. Can the School be contacted to maintain the land as it is making the road very unpleasant.

Street cleansing – Hatch Lane

Reported to Council officers for Action:

There is rubbish build up along Hatch Lane, Harmondsworth near the Bath Road side. Can this area please be deep cleaned/ swept. 
This issue is occurring again-and-again in all the Village entrances along the bath road where ever Bus stops are present. Can litter cleansing be increased at these locations?

Mondial Way – Deep clean needed.

There is a large litter build up along Mondial Way, which seems to be a very much neglected and maybe not cleaned as often as it should be.
As you can see by the pictures attached, this part of the village is plagued by Taxi drivers and the McDonalds around the corner does not help.
What days does the cleansing team attend this location and can it be increased?

Derelict Building –

Forwarded to Hillingdon Council on behalf of Longford Village Residents.

Has there been an update on the derelict building adjacent to the Kings Arm pub in Longford Village.
Please see pictures attached that shows that no action has been undertaken since it was last reported on the 13th January 2014.

Officers in January confirmed: Having checked our property ownership records the buildings adjacent to the public house are not owned by this authority. That being the case, we will serve appropriate notices upon the property owner that will require the grounds to the cleared, any rodent infestation treated & if the building is not secure, necessary securing to take placeā€.

This is still a hazard and causing rodents to be in the local area.

I look forward to your response.

Cllr Peter Money

Carriageway resurfacing in Heathrow Villages

Dear Residents

As part of this year’s carriageway resurfacing programme, works are to be carried out on 

1) Ashby Way
2) Bletchmore Close 

Notices will be placed on the street giving the actual start date and the hours of working will be 8.00am to 4.30pm (Monday to Saturday).

The start date and duration period are subject to weather conditions

If you think your street is not up to the standard that it should be, please contact us so that we can bring it to the Councils attention.


Your Local Labour Councillors
Working for our community