HACAN – Cross Party Rally says NO to a THIRD RUNWAY

Simply No.

That was the message of a cross-party rally staged by the campaign group HACAN in central London on March 3rd.

Politicians from across the political spectrum lined up with environmental chiefs, local authority leaders, businessmen and trade union leaders to pledge opposition to a third runway at Heathrow.

Hundreds of people from London and the South East, including many whose homes are threatened by a new runway, filled the hall.

Twickenham MP Vince Cable made it clear that Liberal Democrat policy remained one of total opposition to a third runway. He said there was no sound economic reason why Heathrow needed to expand.

John McDonnell, the Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, thousands of whose constituents are facing the loss of their homes, predicted that any decision to go-ahead with a new runway would result in the biggest direct action environmental protest in Europe.

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith spelt out the impact of another 250,000 planes a year on local communities.

HACAN chair John Stewart said: “The rally sent a loud and clear message to the next Government: build a new runway at your peril. The coalition which saw it off last time round is still alive, well and fighting.”

The Airports Commission which is looking into the case for a third runway at Heathrow or a second runway at Gatwick is expected to make its recommendation towards the end of June. The next Government will need to decide whether or not to accept that recommendation.

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Heathrow Expansion – 320,000 people affected

Dear All

Below is a press release by Gatwick Airport for information purposes only:

Some 320,000 people will be newly impacted by noise if Heathrow expands. Gatwick has published a map showing the new areas that would be flown over, including the densely populated London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Richmond upon Thames.

  • People living in the area outlined in red will be most affected by noise in 2050 with a two runway Heathrow.
  • People living in the area outlined in blue will be most affected by noise in 2050 if Heathrow builds a third runway.
  • Populations living in the areas between the red and blue outlines will be newly flown over should Heathrow build a third runway.
  • The modelling has been compiled using Airports Commission data.

Version of the map with the local area broken down by parliamentary constituency.

Gatwick has also published a map today showing the new areas that would be flown over, including in the densely populated London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Richmond upon Thames.


In total, new areas in 16 local authority boroughs will be flown over that are not currently.  The full list of authorities is:


·         Bracknall Forest

·         Ealing

·         Hammersmith and Fulham

·         Hillingdon

·         Hounslow

·         Kensington and Chelsea

·         Kingston upon Thames

·         Merton

·         Richmond upon Thames

·         Runnymead

·         Slough

·         South Bucks

·         Spelthorne

·         Windsor and Maidenhead

·         Wandsworth

·         Westminster

The ‘It’s time to make yourself heard’ leaflet asks residents around Heathrow to sign up in support of Gatwick’s case for a new runway as far fewer people would be affected by noise, and it could be built in just ten years with considerably less disruption to local residents. Unlike Heathrow, Gatwick Airport has also never breached EU and UK annual air quality limits and would be able to operate within legal limits with an increase in aircraft from a second runway.

The leaflet also points out that users of the M25 would also face major disruption if Heathrow expanded as the motorway would need to be squeezed into a tunnel to build the new runway over it, with UK taxpayers likely to foot the bill.

Alastair McDermid, Airports Commission Director, Gatwick Airport, said: 

“Some 320,000 people will be newly impacted by noise if Heathrow expands. In contrast, if it was to remain as a two-runway airport Heathrow’s noise footprint would actually reduce because of new quieter aircraft.

“As we reach a crucial phase of the Airports Commission process, we would encourage all interested residents to have their say and respond to the national public consultation into airport expansion.  People can also sign up to support Gatwick’s case to build a new runway.”

Those wishing to respond to the Airports Commission’s consultation or sign up to support Gatwick, can do so by visiting www.gatwickobviously.com

The Airports Commission’s consultation closes on 3 February.


In comparison to the 320,000 people newly over flown with a third runway at Heathrow, 18,000 people would be additionally affected by noise if Gatwick built a new runway. 

Labour’s Candidate for The Charville Ward By-Election

Hayes and Harlington Labour Party have selected John Oswell to fight the Council by-election in Charville ward, which will be held on Thursday 27th November 2014.

John is an experienced former councillor who represented Pinkwell ward for many years. He stood down in 2010 and after a short break from public office John returned to the political scene as a Labour candidate for Yiewsley ward in May this year.

Labour Party members in Charville Ward met on Wednesday 29th October 2014 and selected John Oswell from a stong list of possible candidates.

After the selection meeting, the Leader of the Labour group, Cllr Mo Khursheed, Said “It is great to see John Oswell selected as our candidate for this by-election.  He is extremely hard working and would make an excellent community councillor for Charville Ward.  I look forward to campaigning with John and hopefully welcome him back to the Council on the 28th November.”

Cllr Khursheed went to to pay tribute to the other potential candidates who put themselves forward for selection and said “We had a list of very strong and capable candidates and the members at the selection meeting had a very difficult decision to make.  I would therefore like to thank all of those who put themselves forward for selection.”

UPDATE: Moor Lane Allotment Site – Stolen Gates

Dear All

We enquired about the missing gates to the Moor Lane Allotment Site, Harmondsworth.

The Green Spaces Team were notified by the Police on Tuesday morning (14/10/2014) that the railing gates to the site had been stolen. In response to this the Council immediately arranged for its fencing contractor to erect a temporary gating system and this is shown in the photo. 

Whilst this Herus fencing gating system is not as secure as railing gates, we are hopeful that it will protect the site from fly tipping and it will also provide some protection to the property of the allotment tenants while new railing gates are ordered from our fencing contractor.

Please be assured that the allotment holders have been made aware of the situation. The allotment Site Secretary, Mr Singh, was advised of the incident on Tuesday and the Council provided him with a further update about the matter during a telephone conversation with him.

Residents who have information relating to this matter can report it to the investigating officers on 020 8246 1855 quoting CAD 2802 and can be advised that we hope to have replacement railing gates installed within the next 4-6 weeks.

We will keep you updated and with the replacement of the railing gates.

Kind Regards

Cllr June Nelson, Cllr Peter Money and Cllr Manjit Khatra 

Your Local Labour Councillors 

Tories Breach The Local Authority Publicity Code

Hillingdon-PeopleDear All

As readers of your local Gazette you will no doubt appreciate the vital contribution that a healthy local press makes to a thriving democracy. The impartiality that allows this paper to produce a monthly column for leaders of both political parties represented on the Council, is something that should not be taken for granted. Contrast this with your Council newssheet Hillingdon People. This tax-payer funded publication makes no attempt at such even-handedness. Instead it provides an indulgent level of exposure for the Council Leader and Cabinet members and rarely invites contributions from elected members of the Opposition, even regarding matters affecting their wards.

It is this principle of supporting an independent local press that led Kris Hopkins MP, to write to Hillingdon (as well as six other councils) on 15st August 2014, pointing out that the publication of our newssheet, Hillingdon People, is currently in breach of the Local Authority Publicity Code.  The Publicity Code aims to prevent Local Authority news sheets, published by local authorities, funded by tax-payers, and providing biased commentary .and publicity for the leading local party, from creating unfair competition for the local free press.

We do not know how the Leader chose to respond to this communication. However, we do know that Eric Pickles MP for Communities intends to take legal action against Council’s who do not comply with the Code. We also know that this issue was discussed at our latest Council Meeting last Thursday, 11th September, and the Conservatives rejected the motion, put forward by Labour, that Hillingdon should comply fully with the Publicity Code.

In contrast to your local free press Hillingdon People makes no attempt at even-handedness. For example, as Leader of the Opposition, I was at no time offered the opportunity to contribute to articles on such issues as Heathrow Airport, HS2 or the closure of South Ruislip Civic Amenity Centre.  There is rarely any reference to elected members outside the Leader, the Cabinet and the Mayor.

And it doesn’t stop there. In addition to Hillingdon People the publicity machine steps up a gear every 4 years just before local elections with distribution of a further, ward-level, publication. Even the individual elected Ward Councillors were not consulted on the content of this publication, which included an address from the Leader of the Council and content prepared by Cabinet members.

As readers of your local free newspaper you will appreciate the balanced view, and superior scrutiny that an independent press can provide. It is easy to take it for granted. Our neighbours in Hammersmith and Fulham have been without a local newssheet holding the council to account since April 2014 when the Fulham and Hammersmith Gazette was closed. The F&H Gazette had been involved in a long running legal battle with London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham over their frequent publication of a rival newssheet. Ultimately this legal battle was successful, forcing LBHF to reduce the frequency of their publication. Unfortunately, despite this, the paper went out of business with the loss of 15 jobs in their Uxbridge Offices (now moved to Watford). These offices also serve several other West London newspapers. If the administration at Hillingdon does not comply with the Publicity Code I can envisage a negative impact on our local free press across West London.

Leader of the Labour Party
London Borough of Hillingdon

Heathrow Expansion – What About Compensation For Residents?

Dear All

Here is some information that Murad Quereshi AM a colleague on The London Assembly has passed on to us. The London Assembly hold the Mayor of London to account and is made up of constituency members and list members. Murad Quereshi is  one of four Labour Nationwide list members, representing the whole of London.

 Dear Friends,

At the Plenary meeting in June, I was given an opportunity to ask Sir Howard Davies whether he considered Heathrow’s recent proposals for spending on noise insulation and property compensation to be sufficient in meeting the concerns of Londoners.

What have Heathrow announced?

  • A congestion charge to be introduced for car drop-offs after transport infrastructure is upgraded.
  • £550m for noise insulation and property compensation and will launch a consultation with local people on proposals this summer.
  • Given that approximately 750 homes would need to be compulsorily purchased to provide space for a third runway, the airport is proposing compensation of 25% above unblighted market value plus stamp duty costs and all legal fees in relation to purchasing a new home.
  • But these new announcements only scratch the surface of the problem and do not alter the fact there will be excess noise created by an expanded Heathrow Airport.

The principle producer of noise pollution in London is already Heathrow Airport with 28% of all people in Europe affected by aircraft noise living under the Heathrow flight paths. In the last decade the problem has spread across London with disturbance now being felt up to 20 km away from the airport with a clear link between health conditions such as stroke, heart and circulatory disease and aircraft noise. A study of 3.6 million people living near Heathrow Airport found that the health risks were 10–20% higher in areas with the most aircraft noise.

In spite of this new evidence, the Mayor has continued to fail to tackle this issue head on. The Labour Group made a solid proposal in the last budget amendment to re-establish the Greater London Authority noise team, a proposal which has not been taken forward by the Mayor.

We hope you find this information useful.