Mondial Way – Deep clean needed.

There is a large litter build up along Mondial Way, which seems to be a very much neglected and maybe not cleaned as often as it should be.
As you can see by the pictures attached, this part of the village is plagued by Taxi drivers and the McDonalds around the corner does not help.
What days does the cleansing team attend this location and can it be increased?


Leaves on the floor

Dear All

Residents have contacted us  to ask  if the council have plans to sweep up the leaves in residential streets, the residents say that when its frosty the leaves become slippery and could result in falls (and presumably insurance claims against LBH).

During the Autumn/ Winter leave fall period the scheduled street cleansing beats are suspended and teams are placed on leaf clearing.  The programme is weather dependant as to how long it takes for the tree’s to bear their leaves, but all roads are normally completed at least once prior to Xmas and it is then an ongoing effort.