Corner Doghurst Ave – Serious overgrowth attracting vermin

Reported to the Council on behalf of the residents of Doghurst Avenue and Boltons Lane:

There is some overgrowth of hedges etc at the corner of Doghurst Avenue (please see pics attached).

Residents are complaining that it is attracting rates and other vermin to the area. The poor state of Mondial way does not help the situation either.

Does this small path of land belong to Council? If so, can the hedges etc be but back as the green spaces team did on the corner of Oxford avenue, where the area is in a good state with no sign of vermin.

Cranford Cross – Litter picking needed

A enquiry submitted to The London Borough of Hillingdon:

There is a large accumulation of rubbish/ litter  across Cranford Cross, please see the pictures and action.

1) Vantage Court at the back of Oxford Avenue.
2) Windsor park Avenue needs a deep clean, rubbish has accumulated.
3) Oxford Avenue Island, again there is much litter there. 
4) Eton Road also needs a deep litter sweep.

Cranford Lane – Rubbish Accumulation

A enquiry submitted to The London Borough of Hillingdon:

There is a build up of rubbish on Cranford Lane on the side with no pavement.  We think that is is being neglected because it has no walkway, please see pictures attached. 

How would the street cleansing team normally clean an aside of the road with no pavement/ walkway? Can this please be actioned.