Reported to the Council for Action:

Location: Harlington High Street near the two car washes and the bridge.

Overgrown brambles/ hedges and alot of litter. Also the grass area was cut but remains long the pavement.



Replacement of Refuse Hopper

The resident was very happy that the refuse hopper doors have been replaced stating that the new doors are very splendid.

The Community Housing Officer will also send a letter to all the residents in the block reiterating the correct method of refuse disposal and that, if this is ignored, the Council can take action under the Environmental Protection Act, which could result in a fixed penalty notice.

For any issues similar to this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mondial Way – Deep clean needed.

There is a large litter build up along Mondial Way, which seems to be a very much neglected and maybe not cleaned as often as it should be.
As you can see by the pictures attached, this part of the village is plagued by Taxi drivers and the McDonalds around the corner does not help.
What days does the cleansing team attend this location and can it be increased?

Petition Hearing – Sipson Village

Dear Fellow Residents

Attached below is the petition hearing for the request for road safety improvements on the Sipson Road network.

If you would lie to make any representation, please contact us and we will show you how.

This concern, if approved by Cllr Keith Borrows, the Cabinet member for planning, translation and recycling will be welcomed by the residents of Sipson Village.

Kind regard

Cllr Peter Money

Derelict Building –

Forwarded to Hillingdon Council on behalf of Longford Village Residents.

Has there been an update on the derelict building adjacent to the Kings Arm pub in Longford Village.
Please see pictures attached that shows that no action has been undertaken since it was last reported on the 13th January 2014.

Officers in January confirmed: Having checked our property ownership records the buildings adjacent to the public house are not owned by this authority. That being the case, we will serve appropriate notices upon the property owner that will require the grounds to the cleared, any rodent infestation treated & if the building is not secure, necessary securing to take place”.

This is still a hazard and causing rodents to be in the local area.

I look forward to your response.

Cllr Peter Money