Reported to the Council for Action:

Location: Harlington Village, Junction of Sipson Lane and High Street.

Build up of rubbish at these locations.


Election Result in Hayes and Harlington

I want to thank all my campaign team who worked so hard to secure such a great result in our constituency yesterday and to thank all our supporters.

This is the fifth time I have been elected to serve our constituency and I want my constituents to know that I will continue to do my best to represent them, assisting with their problems and speaking up with a firm voice for the whole community.

Thank you,


The result was:

John McDonnell    Labour                 26,843    59.6%  

Pearl Lewis          Conservative        11,143    24.7%

Cliff Dixon            UKIP                        5,388   12%

Satnam Khalsi      Lib Dem                    888      2%

Alick Munro          Green                        794     1.8%

Labour Majority                                15,700    34.8%     

Turnout   60.2%    

New dumping ground – Gilpin Way, Harlington

Reported to Council officers to investigate on behalf of the residents of Heathrow Villages by your local village Councillors.

Please see this area that is now a dumping ground, it is located on Gilpin Way, down the left turn as you enter.

1) It is full of old beds, rubble, sofas
2)  It is completely overgrown with trees that are higher than the houses and bushes that are completely out of control. 
3) The garages are getting filled with rubbish as well. Neighbour noted vans driving into this land and dumping all the rubbish, can owners be contacted to maintain these. 
4) Persons who work at the airport are parking on this land and causing an obstruction to the garages.

It was established last time that the this area is private land but this rubbish is nevertheless a nuisance to residents at the back on The Crescent and also to residents on Gilpin Way. It is causing rodents such as fox’s and rats to come in the residents back garden. 

5) Can the owner of this private land be asked to clear up and put in place a tree/ bush service.
6) Is this area eligible for the ‘gating scheme’ as most of these issues can be resolved by a gate at the entrance.