Election Result in Hayes and Harlington

I want to thank all my campaign team who worked so hard to secure such a great result in our constituency yesterday and to thank all our supporters.

This is the fifth time I have been elected to serve our constituency and I want my constituents to know that I will continue to do my best to represent them, assisting with their problems and speaking up with a firm voice for the whole community.

Thank you,


The result was:

John McDonnell    Labour                 26,843    59.6%  

Pearl Lewis          Conservative        11,143    24.7%

Cliff Dixon            UKIP                        5,388   12%

Satnam Khalsi      Lib Dem                    888      2%

Alick Munro          Green                        794     1.8%

Labour Majority                                15,700    34.8%     

Turnout   60.2%    

New dumping ground – Gilpin Way, Harlington

Reported to Council officers to investigate on behalf of the residents of Heathrow Villages by your local village Councillors.

Please see this area that is now a dumping ground, it is located on Gilpin Way, down the left turn as you enter.

1) It is full of old beds, rubble, sofas
2)  It is completely overgrown with trees that are higher than the houses and bushes that are completely out of control. 
3) The garages are getting filled with rubbish as well. Neighbour noted vans driving into this land and dumping all the rubbish, can owners be contacted to maintain these. 
4) Persons who work at the airport are parking on this land and causing an obstruction to the garages.

It was established last time that the this area is private land but this rubbish is nevertheless a nuisance to residents at the back on The Crescent and also to residents on Gilpin Way. It is causing rodents such as fox’s and rats to come in the residents back garden. 

5) Can the owner of this private land be asked to clear up and put in place a tree/ bush service.
6) Is this area eligible for the ‘gating scheme’ as most of these issues can be resolved by a gate at the entrance. 

Cranford Lane – Rubbish Accumulation

A enquiry submitted to The London Borough of Hillingdon:

There is a build up of rubbish on Cranford Lane on the side with no pavement.  We think that is is being neglected because it has no walkway, please see pictures attached. 

How would the street cleansing team normally clean an aside of the road with no pavement/ walkway? Can this please be actioned.

Hayes Carnival – July 11th 2015

Dear Friends,
I am emailing to update you all in regard to the Hayes Carnival.  The date is July 11th 2015 The theme is Ringing in the Changes – Hayes through the decades.  

Thank you to all those who took part in Carnival 2014 and the community fete. The weather was on our side. It was a very enjoyable day with the parade consisting of more groups taking part than in recent years. The costumes of those who walked the route were just spectacular and the atmosphere was incredible. There were also more groups running stalls in the community fete. It was fantastic to see so many charities and voluntary groups taking part.  The feedback we have received so far is that they thoroughly enjoyed the day and were delighted to have raised their profile and much needed funds. Visitors really enjoyed the performances dotted round the park especially the Community Choirs, both the adult and children choirs alike. The children sang beautifully and the schools involved will undoubtedly be very proud; they were fantastic ambassadors for their schools. The whole day was a success because of your commitment, involvement and hard work. Thank you very much for participating this year either by running a stall, taking part in the parade, by visiting the stalls to show your support or by cheering us on in the parade. A special thanks goes to the Events Officers at the London Borough of Hillingdon, Lyn Summers, Charlotte Baldwin and Glenda Greenfield.  As a committee, we appreciate their commitment and support for our community as well as their  hard work with the preparations and on the day itself. We look forward to working with them in planning next year’s carnival. To build on the success of last year’s carnival, we are encouraging as many groups and individuals to take part by organising a stall and / or taking part in the parade The forms are being prepared and should be ready for distribution soon.

Please email Charlotte Baldwin to lodge your interest and the forms will be sent to you. Her email is hayescarnival@hillingdon.gov.uk.

 We really want to build on last year’s success and get in touch with as many groups and charities as possible to invite them to participate in some way so please pass this on to as many groups and charities as you can to spread the word and to encourage their involvement.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Best wishes 
John McDonnell MP
Member of Parliament for Hayes & Harlington 

John Chamberlain
Chairman, on behalf of the Hayes Carnival Committee 

MPs, Councillors and Campaigners remind Cameron of his runway pledge. No If’s, No But’s

A big thank you to the group of MPs, Councillors and Campaigners against Heathrow expansion who went to No 10 Downing Street on Tuesday, 3rd February to deliver a reminder to the Prime Minister.  

Shortly before the 2010 election, Conservative leader David Cameron had pledged, “no ifs, no buts; there will be no third runway.”

With the Elections looming and the closing date for the Davis Airport Expansion Commission having ended it was a good time for anti-expansion campaigners to remind Prime Minister Cameron of his promise and the reasons why expansion is a bad idea.

A large group of campaigners travelled to Central London to protest however only a small group were allowed through security and into Downing Street.  Representatives had to give their details in advance and pass security checks.

Members of this group included:

MPs John McDonnell (Hayes and Harlington); Andy Slaughter MP (Hammersmith); Kate Hoey MP (Vauxhall); Zac Goldsmith MP (Richmond Park and North Kingston); Angie Bray MP (Ealing Central and Acton); Mary Macleod MP (Brentford and Isleworth); John Randall MP (Uxbridge and South Ruislip);  Adam Afriye MP (Windsor); Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion)

Baroness Jenny Tonge (Lib Dem).

Campaigners:  John Stewart, Chairman of HACAN;  Neil Keveren, Chair of SHE;  Natasha Fletcher (Teddington Action Group); Charles Burke (Colnbrook Community Association)

John Stewart said, “We are deliberately targeting Downing Street because the decision about a new runway will be a political one.  The politicians can override whatever recommendations the Airports Commission will come up with in the summer.  This event once again demonstrates the cross-party nature of the opposition to a 3rd runway. It also shows the geographical spread of the current problems caused by Heathrow, which can only get worse of a new runway is built. Representatives of groups from as far apart as Brockley and Teddington will be going into Downing Street.”