Statement on The Airports Commission Report

The Hillingdon Labour group are extremely disappointed with the Airport Commission’s recommendation that a 3rd runway should be built at Heathrow.

There are so many reasons why further expansion of Heathrow is totally unacceptable, including the severe environmental impact that a 3rd runway would have. The Heathrow area is already one of the biggest air quality black spots in Europe, with air pollution in Hillingdon being double the European legal limit. The rate of Asthma and other respiratory conditions is rising in the areas surrounding the airport, especially amongst children. The noise impact on areas, as of yet, unaffected by noise pollution will also be devastating, as will the loss of nearly a thousand homes.

Hillingdon Labour group recognises the important part that Heathrow airport plays in terms of both the national and local economy, but we feel that the airport is big enough and the sky over West London is full enough. That is why we believe that the answer is to have a Better Heathrow, not a Bigger Heathrow, and as there are already seven runways serving London & the South East, we feel better use of all seven London runways and improved transport links between them is the answer.

We believe that the Six London airports (Heathrow, Luton, Stanstead, Southend, Gatwick and London City) should work in co-operation, so that the seven runways could be utilised in the national interest, rather than in their own vested commercial interests. Both Luton and Stanstead currently run at around 50% capacity, meaning that in capacity terms there is the equivalent of at least one completely unused runway, so why does London need an 8th runway?

Hillingdon Labour group therefore continues its commitment to oppose the 3rd runway and fight for our residents to have an improved environment with cleaner air to breath. The campaign for a Better Heathrow, Not a Bigger Heathrow continues.

Hillingdon Labour Party