Fly-tipping and

Reported to the Council for action on behalf of the residents:

1) Rubbish with urine and human excitement in the car park area in front of the co-operative nursery in sipson .

2) Also reported that building rubbish dump in the undergrowth on the land next to the nursery is contaminated asbestos materials can this be investigated .

Appalling levels of Fly-tipping in Heathrow Villages

Dear Villagers

We did a walk around of Harmondsworth and Sipson today and were appalled by the levels of Fly-tpping. If you know the person/ persons who are doing this but want to remain anonymous, please pass on there details onto us and will contact the police on your behalf.

The only way to stop this disgusting behaviour is to catch the people in action and let the police prosecute them.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra

Success on Harlington High St – More street cleansing!

Dear Villagers 

The Bins near The White Heart Pub, Opp Harlington Hospice, The Village green and Harlington Corner are constantly overflowing with rubbish as we have brought to your attention on numerous occasions. Many resident have also contacted us with these issues. 

Currently the bins are only emptied once a week and this frequency needs to be increased along with street sweeping. Our understanding from previous emails from the Council have stated that litter collection on communal bins are done once a week and are implemented into the plan on a need-by-need basis. As you know, the corner of High Street Harlington up to the White heart pub sees a large population of Airport Workers, Taxi drivers, free bus services and Tourists which are not being taken into account this makes Harlington High St as busy as a shopping high street.

Can we request that Bins on the high street be cleared more than once a week and the high street is also swept more frequently. This is a very reasonable request for a busy high street – we also mentioned that the tourists first impression of London just so happens to be The London Borough of Hillingdon. 

After a meeting with the street cleansing manager, they assured us that the litter bin will be emptied by the solo operator twice a day and hopefully this will solve the problem. We have a very hardworking solo operator who is more than willing to help keep our street clean – it is worth mentioning that our solo operator does not work weekends, like other areas, nevertheless this is a win for Heathrow Villages. Your local Labour Councillors are leading the fight to clean up Heathrow Villages.

Hopefully we wont see the bins like the pictures below. If you have any other queries regarding this issue or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Kind regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr Manjit Khatra and Cllr June Nelson

More Fly-tipping in the Villages

Dear Villagers

The hard working Hillingdon Council workers from the ‘street cleansing team’ have removed a big pile of fly-tipping which was located outside Harlington Hospice. See the pictures below and you can see how much there was. Unfortunately this is now a weekly occurrence … how long until we have the same amount of rubbish again? as well as attracting vermin it is a real eyesore. Can we the villagers not work together to stop this from happening? Please report anyone you may see anonymously. 

We are already pressing the Council to place CCTV in these hotspots and we have now requested for the street cleansing to keep these locations on their rounds, so it is consistently cleared away and not just when its a big pile.

If you have any suggestions it would also be great to hear them. 


Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson & Cllr Manjit Khatra 

Your Heathrow Villages Councillors 

Pinglestone Close – Site Visit

Dear Residents

On the 12th August a visit was conducted in Pinglestone Close and in attendance were 8 residents and Bill Hickson, the Council Officer responsible for Heathrow Villages along with your Councillors. A number of concerns were raised and the following points were taken forward:

  • There is a serious fly tipping/ waste issue on the corner of Pinglestone Close. The officer explained that an that inspection was carried out on the shops regarding disposal of shop waste, and he informed the resident that monitoring and inspection is on going. Fixed penalty notice will be issues to those found guilty.
  • Signage is now up in Pinglestone Close informing residents of the collection of waste and when to put their waste out. There was also a request to place signage in the private car park.
  • Resident asked why could they not have CCTV camera in the area Bill explain to the resident that they do not have the man power to monitor the system the Met monitor from 5pm to 2am.
  • Advice were given to resident that if they witness any one fly tipping in the area they should log the car registration number and forwarded it with a statement to the contact centre listing what they saw happen.
  • More litter bins is needed in the area. Additional bin on corner of Pinglestone Close & Bath Road.
  • What is the schedule and regularity of the litter picker in the area?
  • During our walk around in Pinglestone Close we found a broken light and lamp on one of the post, which needs to be maintained.
  • Request Green recycling bags for residents.
  • Can you let us know if the refuse collection staff collect refuse directly from houses number 24A through to 40B. As numerous residents state that all the rubbish is dumped in front of their premises.
  • Can we have the details of the dates when the gullies were last clean, there are reports of flooding.
  • Flats 24A through 40B the road and driveway is Constantly blocked by abandoned vehicles & residents parking their cars blocking the emergency access.The residents who lived from 24A through to 40B were concerned because if there was a fire the fire trucks would not get through and this is also blocking access to their houses. Is it possible to get these vehicles removed and also put up keep clear signs on the sides of these roads so that residents are aware that these are access roads and NOT extra driveways. Car registration numbers were provided.
  • Flats 24A through 40B Pinglestone close, the hedges on this access way needs cutting back as residents are unable to see the blind spots when exiting the drive way.
  • Can you please advice if the allotment in Plinglestone Close is still being used and why a resident who applied for allotment plot was denied access on the grounds that the land is sold off for housing?
  • Can we have a letter conforming that the allotment is still available for resident usedCan you please advice where does the resident in the flats above the shops on the Bath Road store their rubbish until collection day? There are no bins visible at the back of shops for residents as they may be contributing to the excess waste collection near the entrance.
  • The public foot Path on the Bath Road there is small raised flower bed along the foot path in front of 320 Bath Road all the way to the corner of Pinglestone Close with vegetation. ( this is between the Shop and the house) They are in a poor state and need to be maintained. Who is responsible for the maintenance is it the Council or Transport for London?
  • Accumulation of Waste – Council officer to survey the houses and to find out which of the residents is not maintaining their premises regarding the piling up of rubbish vegetation in their gardens and access areas. Residents are complaining of Infestation of rats in the area and advice will be given by Council Officers on the control of vermin.

We will update you once we have received correspondence back from the council and we hope that you find this useful, If you have any problems relating to this or any other local issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra
Your local Labour Councillors

Waste and Recycling West Drayton – Last weekend of the month

Dear Residents

The last weekend of August is fast approaching so maybe it’s time to plan to take that unwanted rubbish to the Civic Amenity Site. Please spread the word to your neighbours as there are many complaints about rubbish that is being fly-tipped and dumped in our streets. Its quick and convenient, with assisted unloading available on site. There will be strictly no admission to vans or commercial vehicles.No trade waste is accepted at this site. Please remember to take you HillingdonFirst card with you to allow you access to the site.

Civic Amenity Site: Railway Siding, Tavistock Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7QT

Selected Saturday and Sundays only – waste and recycling.

  • 30th/ 31st Aug 2014: 0900 – 1700
  • 27th/ 28th Sep 2014: 0900 – 1700
Kind Regards
Cllrs Money, Nelson & Khatra

Fly Tipping – Outside Harlington Hospice

Dear All

There has been a substantial amount of fly tipping outside The Harlington Hospice on Harlington High Street. It is the center of the village and a complete eyesore and is the one of the worst cases of flytippng that we have seen and a complete disgrace. There are dumped mattresses, sofas, fridge/ freezers/ bing bags etc.

We have sent the Council the following request: 

“There has been a substantial amount of fly tipping outside of The Harlington Hospice, see pictures attached. Can this please be actioned/ cleaned up immediately. This has become one of the worst ‘hot spots’ for fly tipping in the Villages and something more has to be done. Can we once again request for Mobile CCTV at this location. Surely its costing the council a lot more to clear this rubbish up every few days. Even a dummy camera will deter the criminals who are doing this, please advise”.

We will keep you updated with any correspondence. 


Cllrs’ Money, Nelson & Khatra