Flood Investigation report

Dear Resident

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the Flood Investigation Report for the 23 June 2016. 

The Council have sought to amend the report to address any queries where it is appropriate to do so.

It has now been published on the Council website. 
Please use the following link to access it:http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/article/29022/Flood-risk-investigation

Flooding – Shortlands

A enquiry submitted to The London Borough of Hillingdon, for the officers to action:

The entrance to Shortland’s off Cranford Lane in Harlington always has a lot of water accumulation when it rains. The Picture attached shows a small amount but it is normally a lot more and causes a nuisance to pedestrians passing.

Can the gullies be checked and if needed, cleaned so that water can be drained appropriately.

Flooding on Blossom Way – Update

Dear All

We have just had an email from a very happy resident from Blossom Way. You can probably remember the flooding that took place on Blossom Way from an earlier post.

Resident: “I would like to say a big thank you for your help about the flooding in Blossom way they have been out and sorted problem we’ve had rain and no more foods so far so now I’m hoping the problem has been solved thanks to you your help has been much appreciated shame theirs not more people like you!”.

Hopefully the floods which occured on Blossom Way (pictures below) are a thing of the past. The Council are still working on fixing the drainage and we will keep you updated as this occurs. 

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra



Flooding – Blossom Way

Dear Residents

We have sent the following enquiry to the Council for them to action:

We had a homeowner from Blossom way contact us regarding flooding that has occurred on her road. She states that she has complained to the Council many times, however there has not been any long term action plan put in place to find the the root cause of the flooding and then to action what the problem may be.

She has been told that the drains/ pipes are not big enough by one man that came out and actually went and looked down the drain and then the the council just sends truck round to suck up water, however it is a constant battle every-time it floods. As you can see in the pictures attached, you cant even go out to cross the road when the road floods as the road is deep, it is also dangerous for people driving around as both corners of the road are under water. She is frustrated because it is not a one off flood, the attached photos are dated from Jan, Feb and now Julys rainfall.

Response from the Council: “The road drainage system in this road discharges in to a surface water main that is the responsibility of Thames Water. Following flooding problems which are caused by the water not being able to discharge quickly enough we have reported the matter to Thames Water for them to investigate and take the appropriate action. Since the initial report to Thames Water we have continued to report the flooding problem and the Council’s flood management officer has been tasked with maintaining pressure on Thames Water in order to resolve the problem”. 

We have received further correspondence from the Council stating: “We have examined the plans of Thames Water surface water mains in the area and are not convinced that these gullies empty into one. We are carrying out further investigations to determine exactly where the road gully pipework goes and we will advise you further once we establish this and also discover what action can be taken to rectify the flooding issue”.

We will be keeping the residents of Blossom Way informed on the progress of the issue they have been having.

Kind Regards

Cllrs’ Money, Nelson & Khatra