Heathrow Villages: Days of action

Dear Villagers

As you are aware, Mini cab drivers are a huge issue in the Heathrow Villages Ward. It is an issue unique to Heathrow Villages Ward and we have worked with the Council to develop a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to target mini cab drivers.

The condition of the order prohibits:

1) Spitting saliva or any other product from the mouth onto the ground.

2) Urinating or defecating in a public space.

3) Being verbally abusive to any persons or behaving in a way which causes or is likely to cause harassment.

4) Leaving the engine of a stationary or parked vehicle running.

We have also been working with Heathrow Villages Safer neighbourhood team (SNT), TfL compliance officers, Heathrow airport police officers, Council enforcement officers and most importantly residents.

In light of the above issues, and with intelligence gathered from residents, ‘Days of Action’ are organised and are days, dedicated on pro-active mini cab enforcement patrols.

The last day of action was on the 19th November 2015, it started at 11am and many tickets were issued. These days of action have been well received by the residents as it send out a clear message to all offending mini cab drivers that such behaviour is not tolerated on our residential roads.

Please contact us, should you like any further information or if you can provide intelligence.

Kind regards.

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson & Cllr Manjit Khatra.
Your Local Labour Councillors