Harmondsworth Road, Cycle lane

Dear Councillors

I am pleased to inform you that the planned highway works to provide cycle lane as part of Heathrow – West Drayton cycle scheme improvement in Harmondsworth Road is programmed to start on Monday 08 June for a period of eight weeks weather permitting.

The work entails of:-
1) On street carriageway cycle lane, both sides of Harmondsworth Road from Holloway Lane to Laurel Lane

2) Creating shared pedestrian / Cycle lane, by widening North-West footway in Harmondsworth Road, between Laurel Lane and Community Centre, (opposite the Dell).

3) footpath widening in The Dell to create shared pedestrian / cycle path.

4) construction of new zebra crossing North of Laurel Lane replacing existing traffic island.

5) construction of raised tables on several junction locations including Harmondsworth Road Junction with Laurel Lane.

6) carriageway resurfacing of part of Harmondsworth Road.

7) all other associated works including drainage, road marking etc.

An electronic advanced warning VMS signs, both end of Harmondsworth Road has been erected by contractor one week prior to commencement of work on site.

Residents letters have also been posted to nearby residents/ businesses informing them of forthcoming highway works in Harmondsworth Road.

contractors are instructed to carry out the work using temporary Traffic Light weekdays during off peak period (09:00 -15:30), where necessary.


Cycling Works – Holloway Lane

Q) The Cycling works on Holloway Lane have still not finished. Is there an end date for the project and why did the contractors lay down the ‘final’ tarmac on Sunday 7th Sep only for them to rip it back up the following day? Has there been an added cost to the project?

Response from The Council: “Thank you for your enquiry concerning the works in Holloway Lane.  The works formed part of a three phase programme to improve cycling facilities between Heathrow and West Drayton using funds from the Local Implementation Plan, Heathrow Terminal 2 Planning Development and supplementary contributions secured from Transport for London.   

Phase 1 consisted of the measures as implemented in Hatch Lane. Phase 2 comprised the Holloway Lane road widening between Harmondsworth Village and Harmondsworth Road, and cycle lanes along Harmondsworth Road which have been marked as far north as Laurel Lane. 

The site engineer advised us that the contractor removed the old road surface along the whole length of the site in Holloway Lane on Sunday 7 September 2014.  The new surface was laid over the whole width of the new road from Harmondsworth Village towards the petrol filling station entrance on Saturday 13 September 2014.  The remainder was laid on Sunday 14 September 2014.   The lining and marking works completed phase 2 on Sunday 14 September 2014.   The work was delivered within budget.

The original works programme for phase 2 had to be suspended in order to 1) address a school road safety scheme (which had to be completed during the summer holiday), 2) accommodate the recent WWI commemorative event and 3) enable the contractor to facilitate a brief close-down.

Phase 3 of the works is to include two raised tables at the western end of Holloway Lane and measures yet to be designed for the remainder of Harmondsworth Road.   The details for Phase 3 are to be decided as soon as we have a full understanding of the scope of works and fund availability.

Q) Again on the Holloway Lane Cycle works, the three traffic islands lights/ bollards need to be cleaned or replaced. They are only one year old and are now dirty because of the tarmac and road works. Can this please be actioned?

Response from The Council: “The dirty bollards have now been cleaned”.

Q) Will the new Holloway Lane not encourage LARGE vehicles to use this NEW cycle lane?

Response from The Council: “No additional traffic flow including larger Vehicles are anticipated as a result of implementation of dedicated cycle lane in Holloway lane. However, a traffic speed survey and classification will be carried out generally few months after completion of work to assess the impact”.

Q) There was a HGV/ no entry sign near the Petrol station, will this be reinstated? Is it also possible to place a HGV sign at the entrance of Hatch lane to stop large vehicles passing through?

Response from The Council: “There was an old sign for the London Night Time lorry ban, however Hillingdon is not a member of this and the signs were non compliant with the current signing regulaions. These signs were removed in 2011 in order to reduce street clutter and there are no other restrictions to HGV’s travelling on roads in this area”.

Q) On Holloway Lane, Will the roundabout next to the petrol station also be reinstated?

Response from The Council: “The roundabout was removed as part of carriageway planning and reinstated immediately after completion of carriageway resurfacing in Holloway Lane”.

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr Manjit Khatra and Cllr June Nelson
Your Local Labour Councillors