Harmondsworth Road, Cycle lane

Dear Councillors

I am pleased to inform you that the planned highway works to provide cycle lane as part of Heathrow – West Drayton cycle scheme improvement in Harmondsworth Road is programmed to start on Monday 08 June for a period of eight weeks weather permitting.

The work entails of:-
1) On street carriageway cycle lane, both sides of Harmondsworth Road from Holloway Lane to Laurel Lane

2) Creating shared pedestrian / Cycle lane, by widening North-West footway in Harmondsworth Road, between Laurel Lane and Community Centre, (opposite the Dell).

3) footpath widening in The Dell to create shared pedestrian / cycle path.

4) construction of new zebra crossing North of Laurel Lane replacing existing traffic island.

5) construction of raised tables on several junction locations including Harmondsworth Road Junction with Laurel Lane.

6) carriageway resurfacing of part of Harmondsworth Road.

7) all other associated works including drainage, road marking etc.

An electronic advanced warning VMS signs, both end of Harmondsworth Road has been erected by contractor one week prior to commencement of work on site.

Residents letters have also been posted to nearby residents/ businesses informing them of forthcoming highway works in Harmondsworth Road.

contractors are instructed to carry out the work using temporary Traffic Light weekdays during off peak period (09:00 -15:30), where necessary.


Phase 4 – Cycle Route

Dear Fellow Residents,

I am writing to advise you that design for phase 4, Heathrow- West Drayton cycle route is now complete and ready to start.

 You may remember that Phase 1, traffic calming of Hatch Lane, was completed in 2012/13 and Phase 2, widening of Holloway Lane to create an on-street cycle lane, was competed in 2013/14.  

My colleague from the council has previously consulted you of proposed phase 3 cycle route work along Harmondsworth Road on 20th January 2015, and I am pleased to inform you that the final phase (Phase 4) is also ready to be implemented at the same time to complete a continuous cycle route from the A4 Bath Road to the junction with Sipson Road / Station Road in West Drayton.

 The proposal for phase 4 of the work is to reduce traffic speed from 30mph to 20mph in Holloway Lane entering the village and Harmondsworth Lane from built up section of the road. 

 Work includes construction of a raised table at the entrance to Holloway Lane village build up area and one at the junction with Harmondsworth Lane south of Hatch Lane. 

We also proposing to  construct three raised tables in Harmondsworth Lane, and reducing speed limit to 20mph.

The scheme will complete traffic calming in the village and provide cyclist with an uninterrupted and safer route to maintain their momentum.  

 Please find attached a plan in pdf format clearly showing locations of proposed tables in Harmondsworth Lane and Holloway Lane.


Cycle Route Heathrow – West Drayton

Dear All

This is to advise you that work is now ready to start on Phase III of the Heathrow – West Drayton cycle route, subject to Capital Release by the Leader of the Council. 

Phase I, traffic calming Hatch Lane, was completed in 2012/13 and Phase II, widening Holloway Lane to create an on-street cycle lane, was competed in 2013/14.  The third phase of the route will be built along Harmondsworth Road to complete a continuous cycle route from the A4 Bath Road to the junction with Sipson Road / Station Road in West Drayton.

 The plan attached shows a cycle lane northbound from Holloway Lane on-street leaving the main carriageway to become off-street just after the junction with Laurel Lane.  Speed tables will be provided at the side road junctions of Laurel Lane and Rowleys Place.  Dropped kerbs and textured paving slabs will be provided to improve access for people who are mobility impaired.  Speed tables will help calm the speed of traffic turning in and out of the side roads and provide the cyclists with an uninterrupted route helping them to maintain momentum.  The cycle lane will be built sufficiently wide to allow shared use between cyclist and pedestrians.  As the cycle lane approaches the northern end of Harmondsworth Road it will connect into an existing cycle lane.   Textured paving slabs will also be provided where the path crosses the community centre access road.  

 Southbound from Sipson Road the cycle lane will start on-street;  this will require some very minor changes to the alignment of the kerb stones.  Once cyclists have passed the shops and service road they will be guided to an off-road shared use cycle path, following the same alignment as the existing footpath that runs parallel to Harmondsworth Road set back in ‘The Dell’ an area of grassed open space.  The footpath / cycle lane will be sufficiently wide to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians.  

Beyond ‘The Dell’ the cycle lane will cross Coleridge Way.  A speed table will be provided to calm the speed of traffic particularly vehicles turning left towards Coleridge Way from Harmondsworth Road.  Once over Coleridge Way the cycle lane will cross a small area of grass verge before continuing southbound across the M4 motorway bridge on-street.

The Cabinet Member for Planning, Transportation and Recycling has approved the plans.

We would be grateful if you could let me know any observations you may have.

Kind Regards