Police Message – Updates Community Reassurance

“In the last week we have seen three violent incidents occur in the borough of Hillingdon which have resulted in two deaths. 
All three incidents are currently under extensive investigation by specialists teams, who are working tirelessly to bring those who are involved to justice. 

I must stress that all three crimes are isolated.

A murder investigation was launched on Friday 30 January, following the death of Emily Munemo at her home in Collingwood Road. Detectives from the Homicide and Serious Crime command have arrested and charged a man on suspicion of her murder. He currently remains in custody and will be brought before the courts imminently.

On the morning of Monday 2 February, officers were deployed to Ruislip where a man had committed three separate unprovoked attacks against two women and a man. Within minutes of receiving the initial 999 call, officers attended the scene and arrested the man who currently remains in custody awaiting mental health assessments. Fortunately, all those injured avoided serious injury and have since received the appropriate medical attention. They will also continue to receive support from my team as this investigation progresses.

On Tuesday 3 February, a second murder investigation was launched following the fatal shooting of Redwan El-Ghaidouni outside his home in Vine Lane. Detectives from the Homicide and Serious Crime command continue to work on this fast moving investigation to identify the perpetrator(s) in this rare and shocking crime, which is believed to have been a targeted act and in no way random.

Clearly no form of violence has any place in Hillingdon. We will not rest until we make every effort to make this borough the most hostile environment for anyone intent on committing any level of violence. 
At present police officers are conducting continued high visibility patrols across the borough of Hillingdon to provide reassurance and a visible presence in support of the community. Crucially we are listening to, and acting on any concerns which may come to light.

We are in continual liaison with our partners and community members to establish any opportunities to strengthen our long-term commitment to tackling serious violence.

Protecting our community remains our top priority and we will not rest until we deliver highest level of policing in our borough.

As ever, we continue to encourage those who live and work in Hillingdon to speak to our policing teams. Your voice could ultimately become a powerful tool in the prevention and detection of crime. 

If you would like to speak to us about an issue or concern, or have any information regarding this week’s incidents, please contact police by dialling 101, or your local policing team via MPSHillingdon Twitter.

All 23 teams can be found via www.Met.police.uk

Detective Chief Superintendent Nick Downing 
Hillingdon Borough Commander

Age UK Hillingdon – Get Ready for Winter

Dear All

The following is a message passed on to us by Age UK Hillingdon:

Age UK Hillingdon is again running a “Get Ready for Winter” campaign – our fourth year, following on from the success of the campaign  in previous winters, to help prepare older people for the cold weather and prevent illness, hospital admissions and excess winter deaths.

We have a supply of Winter Warmth advice booklets and room thermometers, along with a wide selection of other information, a good supply of knee blankets, hot water bottle covers and bed socks provided by our volunteer knitters and we will again be offering an electric blanket exchange scheme.

In addition, thanks to ITV’s Text Santa funding via Age UK our Handyperson Service is able to offer FREE Winter Warmth visits for older residents; checking the home and offering advice on safety, security and keeping warm in winter. We can also offer items such as draught excluders, thermal gloves and socks and emergency food parcels etc as part of this initiative.

We hope we can rely on your support again this year: if you would like more information, or are able to promote the campaign by displaying leaflets or posters please get in touch with us. Alternatively, please visit our website for more information www.ageukhillingdon.org.uk.

Appointments can be made directly with the Handyperson service: 020 8756 3060/3041

Age UK Hillingdon Team

Cycling Works – Holloway Lane

Q) The Cycling works on Holloway Lane have still not finished. Is there an end date for the project and why did the contractors lay down the ‘final’ tarmac on Sunday 7th Sep only for them to rip it back up the following day? Has there been an added cost to the project?

Response from The Council: “Thank you for your enquiry concerning the works in Holloway Lane.  The works formed part of a three phase programme to improve cycling facilities between Heathrow and West Drayton using funds from the Local Implementation Plan, Heathrow Terminal 2 Planning Development and supplementary contributions secured from Transport for London.   

Phase 1 consisted of the measures as implemented in Hatch Lane. Phase 2 comprised the Holloway Lane road widening between Harmondsworth Village and Harmondsworth Road, and cycle lanes along Harmondsworth Road which have been marked as far north as Laurel Lane. 

The site engineer advised us that the contractor removed the old road surface along the whole length of the site in Holloway Lane on Sunday 7 September 2014.  The new surface was laid over the whole width of the new road from Harmondsworth Village towards the petrol filling station entrance on Saturday 13 September 2014.  The remainder was laid on Sunday 14 September 2014.   The lining and marking works completed phase 2 on Sunday 14 September 2014.   The work was delivered within budget.

The original works programme for phase 2 had to be suspended in order to 1) address a school road safety scheme (which had to be completed during the summer holiday), 2) accommodate the recent WWI commemorative event and 3) enable the contractor to facilitate a brief close-down.

Phase 3 of the works is to include two raised tables at the western end of Holloway Lane and measures yet to be designed for the remainder of Harmondsworth Road.   The details for Phase 3 are to be decided as soon as we have a full understanding of the scope of works and fund availability.

Q) Again on the Holloway Lane Cycle works, the three traffic islands lights/ bollards need to be cleaned or replaced. They are only one year old and are now dirty because of the tarmac and road works. Can this please be actioned?

Response from The Council: “The dirty bollards have now been cleaned”.

Q) Will the new Holloway Lane not encourage LARGE vehicles to use this NEW cycle lane?

Response from The Council: “No additional traffic flow including larger Vehicles are anticipated as a result of implementation of dedicated cycle lane in Holloway lane. However, a traffic speed survey and classification will be carried out generally few months after completion of work to assess the impact”.

Q) There was a HGV/ no entry sign near the Petrol station, will this be reinstated? Is it also possible to place a HGV sign at the entrance of Hatch lane to stop large vehicles passing through?

Response from The Council: “There was an old sign for the London Night Time lorry ban, however Hillingdon is not a member of this and the signs were non compliant with the current signing regulaions. These signs were removed in 2011 in order to reduce street clutter and there are no other restrictions to HGV’s travelling on roads in this area”.

Q) On Holloway Lane, Will the roundabout next to the petrol station also be reinstated?

Response from The Council: “The roundabout was removed as part of carriageway planning and reinstated immediately after completion of carriageway resurfacing in Holloway Lane”.

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr Manjit Khatra and Cllr June Nelson
Your Local Labour Councillors 


Pinglestone HMO’s – Action Taken

Dear Villagers

Your local Councillors had a meeting on Pinglestone Close with numerous residents and the Council Officer who looks after our Ward. A number of concerns were raised and are being gradually implemented. 

A major concern on Pinglsetone Close was the number of properties which were being rented and unofficially used as HMO’s. We identified, along with resident a number of properties which may have been possible HMO’s.

Houses in Multiple Occupation, often referred to as HMOs, are a building, or part of a building that is occupied by more than one household and where more than one household shares – or lacks – an amenity, such as a bathroom, toilet or cooking facilities.

The principal objectives of Hillingdon Council is to ensure all HMO’s within the borough are fit and safe to live in, to encourage good practice and ensure the provision of quality, well managed accommodation.  

The Councils aim is to ensure that all HMO’s are:

  • in satisfactory condition
  • have adequate means of escape in case of fire
  • are safe to live in
  • have sufficient bathrooms
  • have sufficient kitchens
  • have sufficient space and are not overcrowded

Resdents were aso concerend that the rise of HMO’s was leading to a greater number of those properties not disposing thier waste properly, along with other issues. 

The Council’s Private Sector Housing and Planning Enforcement teams visitied approxmatly 15 properties on the  8th & 9th Octber last week, and numerous properties had enforcemnt action served on them.

We would like to advise you that necessary action will be taken by the  Council’s Private Sector Housing and Planning Enforcement teams to ensure they meet current Housing and Planning legislations and that the premises are safe and legal to be occupied. These actions include requesting landlord to obtain HMO licences and cease use of illegal outbuilding or overcrowded properties. If landlord fails to comply with the legal requirements, the Council may consider taking stronger enforcement action on them including prosecution and demolition of outbuildings.

We hope that you find this helpful and if you would like any furthur information, Please dont hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjt Khatra
Your Local Labour Councillors 

Harmondsworth Planters

Harmondsworth_trough.JPGDear Villagers

Your Labour Councillors asked officers from the Council why the flowers in the planters around the villages were being ignored by The London Borough of Hillingdon. Officer from the Council explained that the planters on the railings were purchased in 2011 funded by a grant from Hillingdon Community Trust to the Harmondsworth Village Allotments Horticultural Association for a project titled Harmondsworth & Sipson regeneration through plants. This grant of £4k was spent on the planters and  jointly working with Grow Heathrow members of the local community planted and maintained them. Last autumn the Council helped by supplying and planting the plants, as we did this summer.

The Council said that they were never asked and never agreed that they would maintain them. However, thanks to your Labour Councillors they have now been added to the green spaces maintenance schedule with contractors stating that they will now adopt these planters to ensure they are at the same standard as the rest of our displays across the borough. This will be carried out within the next two weeks.

The bedding displays outside the pub has been cleared of the summer plants in readiness for the delivery of plants and bulbs to be planted for the winter and spring displays. The delivery of plants and bulbs from the grower is scheduled for mid October.

Kind Regards

Cllr Peter Money, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra

UPDATE: Moor Lane Allotment Site – Stolen Gates

Dear All

We enquired about the missing gates to the Moor Lane Allotment Site, Harmondsworth.

The Green Spaces Team were notified by the Police on Tuesday morning (14/10/2014) that the railing gates to the site had been stolen. In response to this the Council immediately arranged for its fencing contractor to erect a temporary gating system and this is shown in the photo. 

Whilst this Herus fencing gating system is not as secure as railing gates, we are hopeful that it will protect the site from fly tipping and it will also provide some protection to the property of the allotment tenants while new railing gates are ordered from our fencing contractor.

Please be assured that the allotment holders have been made aware of the situation. The allotment Site Secretary, Mr Singh, was advised of the incident on Tuesday and the Council provided him with a further update about the matter during a telephone conversation with him.

Residents who have information relating to this matter can report it to the investigating officers on 020 8246 1855 quoting CAD 2802 and can be advised that we hope to have replacement railing gates installed within the next 4-6 weeks.

We will keep you updated and with the replacement of the railing gates.

Kind Regards

Cllr June Nelson, Cllr Peter Money and Cllr Manjit Khatra 

Your Local Labour Councillors 

Tories Breach The Local Authority Publicity Code

Hillingdon-PeopleDear All

As readers of your local Gazette you will no doubt appreciate the vital contribution that a healthy local press makes to a thriving democracy. The impartiality that allows this paper to produce a monthly column for leaders of both political parties represented on the Council, is something that should not be taken for granted. Contrast this with your Council newssheet Hillingdon People. This tax-payer funded publication makes no attempt at such even-handedness. Instead it provides an indulgent level of exposure for the Council Leader and Cabinet members and rarely invites contributions from elected members of the Opposition, even regarding matters affecting their wards.

It is this principle of supporting an independent local press that led Kris Hopkins MP, to write to Hillingdon (as well as six other councils) on 15st August 2014, pointing out that the publication of our newssheet, Hillingdon People, is currently in breach of the Local Authority Publicity Code.  The Publicity Code aims to prevent Local Authority news sheets, published by local authorities, funded by tax-payers, and providing biased commentary .and publicity for the leading local party, from creating unfair competition for the local free press.

We do not know how the Leader chose to respond to this communication. However, we do know that Eric Pickles MP for Communities intends to take legal action against Council’s who do not comply with the Code. We also know that this issue was discussed at our latest Council Meeting last Thursday, 11th September, and the Conservatives rejected the motion, put forward by Labour, that Hillingdon should comply fully with the Publicity Code.

In contrast to your local free press Hillingdon People makes no attempt at even-handedness. For example, as Leader of the Opposition, I was at no time offered the opportunity to contribute to articles on such issues as Heathrow Airport, HS2 or the closure of South Ruislip Civic Amenity Centre.  There is rarely any reference to elected members outside the Leader, the Cabinet and the Mayor.

And it doesn’t stop there. In addition to Hillingdon People the publicity machine steps up a gear every 4 years just before local elections with distribution of a further, ward-level, publication. Even the individual elected Ward Councillors were not consulted on the content of this publication, which included an address from the Leader of the Council and content prepared by Cabinet members.

As readers of your local free newspaper you will appreciate the balanced view, and superior scrutiny that an independent press can provide. It is easy to take it for granted. Our neighbours in Hammersmith and Fulham have been without a local newssheet holding the council to account since April 2014 when the Fulham and Hammersmith Gazette was closed. The F&H Gazette had been involved in a long running legal battle with London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham over their frequent publication of a rival newssheet. Ultimately this legal battle was successful, forcing LBHF to reduce the frequency of their publication. Unfortunately, despite this, the paper went out of business with the loss of 15 jobs in their Uxbridge Offices (now moved to Watford). These offices also serve several other West London newspapers. If the administration at Hillingdon does not comply with the Publicity Code I can envisage a negative impact on our local free press across West London.

Leader of the Labour Party
London Borough of Hillingdon