Harmondsworth Road, Cycle lane

Dear Councillors

I am pleased to inform you that the planned highway works to provide cycle lane as part of Heathrow – West Drayton cycle scheme improvement in Harmondsworth Road is programmed to start on Monday 08 June for a period of eight weeks weather permitting.

The work entails of:-
1) On street carriageway cycle lane, both sides of Harmondsworth Road from Holloway Lane to Laurel Lane

2) Creating shared pedestrian / Cycle lane, by widening North-West footway in Harmondsworth Road, between Laurel Lane and Community Centre, (opposite the Dell).

3) footpath widening in The Dell to create shared pedestrian / cycle path.

4) construction of new zebra crossing North of Laurel Lane replacing existing traffic island.

5) construction of raised tables on several junction locations including Harmondsworth Road Junction with Laurel Lane.

6) carriageway resurfacing of part of Harmondsworth Road.

7) all other associated works including drainage, road marking etc.

An electronic advanced warning VMS signs, both end of Harmondsworth Road has been erected by contractor one week prior to commencement of work on site.

Residents letters have also been posted to nearby residents/ businesses informing them of forthcoming highway works in Harmondsworth Road.

contractors are instructed to carry out the work using temporary Traffic Light weekdays during off peak period (09:00 -15:30), where necessary.