Grass cutting in Harmondsworth Recreation Ground

Hi Peter,
I have attached some photos I have taken shortly after the Green Spaces people had cut the grass in Harmondsworth Recreation Ground. I think you would agree that it really looks a mess. We drove around Uxbridge and Harefield the other day and the quality of grass cutting there was a 100 times better than what we had in Harmondsworth. Can you raise this issue and arrange for it to be cut correctly. We will very shortly get the result of the Davies Commission enquiry into airport expansion. We expect a large number of pres and TV coverage in the Village. We do not want it to look uncared for.

A Concerned Resident

Dear Residents,

I have received confirmation that this order of works has now been carried out and the resident who initially made this concern is also pleased.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any similar concerns.

Kind regards

Cllr Money