Speech by Cllr Nelson and Khatra to Oppose closure of Polling Stations

Dear All

At the Full Council meeting on 15th January 2015 the Tory-led Council has voted to close Polling Stations throughout Hillingdon. Residents of Sipson Village no longer have a polling station near to them.

Here is the speech that Cllr June Nelson said at the Council Meeting to defend the Polling Station.

Madam Mayor and Council,  As the councilor for Heathrow village I strongly urge you to reconsider the proposal to closed the poling station in HD4 Sipson Christian Fellowship in Sipson Lane. You will be Ignoring the petition not only from our residents but also from the residents association and their representatives. If this poling station should go then the democratic right of the residents to vote at an accessible poling station is being removed. Currently there are 901 residents living in the area. Some of Our elderly and disable residents who may not be able to used public transport to get to and from the proposed poling station to exercise their right to vote, will their rights be taken away. Currently a lot of the residents who live in Sipson,  work in or around the airport. Most of them are shift workers and this is why it is absolutely crucial that Sipson fellowship poling station in HD4 is saved. The finical impact on the council is a mere £2,500 a drop in the kitty considering that the council motto is putting resident first. Do you think that your proposal is putting resident first? I strongly urge you to please reconsider the impact that this will have on our resident and their democratic right. I oppose this proposal.

Cllr June Nelson

Here is the speech that Cllr Manjit Khatra said at the Council Meeting to defend the Polling Station.

Madam Mayor and Council. Could the the leader of the Council explain why would any one want to reduce the number polling station in the Heathrow village word or any other word.I ask the leader to take things in consideration older member of the public who have difficulty coming out to Vote. I know and I under stand there is a system of postal voting in place, Still there are members of Public out there who prefer to go to polling station to vote. Please, I urge you not to reduce the number station we have in place in Heathrow village ward or any other ward.

Cllr Manjit Khatra