Heathrow Expansion – What About Compensation For Residents?

Dear All

Here is some information that Murad Quereshi AM a colleague on The London Assembly has passed on to us. The London Assembly hold the Mayor of London to account and is made up of constituency members and list members. Murad Quereshi is  one of four Labour Nationwide list members, representing the whole of London.

 Dear Friends,

At the Plenary meeting in June, I was given an opportunity to ask Sir Howard Davies whether he considered Heathrow’s recent proposals for spending on noise insulation and property compensation to be sufficient in meeting the concerns of Londoners.

What have Heathrow announced?

  • A congestion charge to be introduced for car drop-offs after transport infrastructure is upgraded.
  • £550m for noise insulation and property compensation and will launch a consultation with local people on proposals this summer.
  • Given that approximately 750 homes would need to be compulsorily purchased to provide space for a third runway, the airport is proposing compensation of 25% above unblighted market value plus stamp duty costs and all legal fees in relation to purchasing a new home.
  • But these new announcements only scratch the surface of the problem and do not alter the fact there will be excess noise created by an expanded Heathrow Airport.

The principle producer of noise pollution in London is already Heathrow Airport with 28% of all people in Europe affected by aircraft noise living under the Heathrow flight paths. In the last decade the problem has spread across London with disturbance now being felt up to 20 km away from the airport with a clear link between health conditions such as stroke, heart and circulatory disease and aircraft noise. A study of 3.6 million people living near Heathrow Airport found that the health risks were 10–20% higher in areas with the most aircraft noise.

In spite of this new evidence, the Mayor has continued to fail to tackle this issue head on. The Labour Group made a solid proposal in the last budget amendment to re-establish the Greater London Authority noise team, a proposal which has not been taken forward by the Mayor.

We hope you find this information useful.