Your Safer Neighbourhood Teams Priorities

Dear Residents,

The following is provided for your information, we hope it helps. Consultation with the community has identified the following three priorities in our neighbourhood. 

  1. Anti Social Behaviour – Drugs
  2. Burglary
  3. Theft from Motor Vehicles 
Heathrow Villages priorities are set by your local neighbourhood panel. The panel is made up of members of our community who meet regularly with the Police to discuss issues of concern in our area and how they will be resolved. The following gives you information about the priorities that have been set and the actions we are taking to tackle them. If you are interested in becoming a neighbourhood panel member please get in touch with us. Your Local Councillors are meeting with the local Policing team and the local neighbourhood panel, if you have any issues on your street that should be a priority for the police, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
  • Burglary 
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: A dedicated team now visit every victim of a burglary and crime prevention provided. The Metropolitan police are currently under taking operation Bumble Bee specifically targeting burglaries. We urge that you lock doors and windows and leave a light on when leaving the house empty during hours of darkness. Also ensure that access to the rear gardens is made difficult by locking gates. UPVC / multi-point locking doors should be properly locked by pulling the handle up and using a key to securely lock it. Please ensure you check the identification of services that knock on your door to confirm their identity. Log valuable items and their serial numbers on the immobilise website on Any suspicious behaviour to be reported to police. We have delivered Burglary leaflets and updated residents of any burglaries within the neighbourhood to increase awareness. Numerous police activities have been conducted and the continuation of a burglary victim task force is still being utilised. We are trying to set up Neighbourhood watches within the ward, so please contact your SNT if you would like to discuss this further. Crime prevention advice is available so please contact us or visit
  • Motor Vehicle Crime
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: The Hotel Watch scheme helps to encourage crime reduction measures in the car parks. This is proving successful in reducing vehicle crime. Please do not leave anything of value on show in your vehicle. Satellite navigation units including the casing must be removed from within the vehicles. Modern car locks and alarms are now excellent, but unfortunately the glass in the windows is still main point of entry. Better parking schemes have been introduced within hotel car parks. There have been vehicle crimes where work tools have been targeted, please ensure these vehicles are locked securely with additional locks and alarmed. If possible, please use your drive ways to park your vehicles. Ensure police are contacted if vehicles are being towed away from drive ways and contact police regarding any suspicious activities of tow trucks. Any abandoned vehicles reported are being checked by police and DVLA notified. Any suspicious activities around parked vehicles should be reported to police.
  • Anti Social Behaviour (Drugs)
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Taken/ Going to be Taken: We continue to monitor reports of anti social behaviour and Drug related crime. Areas which are brought to our attention are targeted during our patrols and where appropriate stop and search powers are used and drugs warrants have been executed. Planned operations have taken place targeting taxis in and around SIPSON where numerous tickets have been issued for illegal parking. Council has been advised over several ASB issues and action has been taken against these individuals and families. The team has been proactive and numerous cannabis warnings have been issued through good use of stop and search powers. Target fly tippers in conjunction with the council and mobile CCTV. Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Reduce burglary in SIPSON, and HARLINGTON
Date Set: 16th June 2014
Action Taken/ Going to be Taken: Increased high visibility patrols via Operation BUMBLE BEE. Improved reassurance to victims after a burglary and making residents in the near vicinity aware of the recent burglary. Offer of crime prevention advice to residents if they require advice. Crime prevention stalls during next two months in burglary hotspots.
Cllrs’ Money, Nelson & Khatra
Your Local Labour Councillors