Noisy Birds!

Dear All,

Many locals have reported some noise problems with the birds, and we made an enquiry with the Council: Does The London Borough of Hillingdon monitor the number of birds in the local area and are you aware that parts of Heathrow Village seems to have been invaded by Parakeets? They have been around for many years but, this year, there are more than ever.

The Council responded: “We are aware that there are parakeets in The London Borough of Hillingdon, in fact most of Greater London and the South East has small flocks of the parakeets, and they are considered a non-native invasive species. However there are no plans at the present time to cull the population. We do not monitor the bird population within the borough. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds may have figures from their “Great British Bird Watch” but we wouldn’t ordinarily monitor bird populations”.

Although no action is currently being taken by the Council it is interesting to note that they are aware of the parakeets. We will contact The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to see if they will cause an concern to our Heathrow Villages fragile ecosystem. We will keep you updated with any correspondence we may have.

Kind regards

Cllrs’ Money. Nelson & Khatra