More Fly tipping!

Dear Residents

Your local Councillors along with the intelligence of concerned residents picked up on numerous occurrences of fly-tipping in the Villages. This included household waste, mattresses, commercial building waste & even a fridge freezer! We reported this to Council officers on the 24th June 2014, who passed it onto the relevant teams. Officers promptly notified us on 25th June 2014 that the majority of the waste was removed. The fridge freezer was removed a few days later on the 9th July 2014, this was due to investigations being done on it to determine where it may have come from. The locations included:

1. Hollycroft Gardens, Sipson

2. Langley Crescent, Cranford Cross

3. Cranford Lane, Harlington

4. The Gray’s, Harlington

Fly tipping is an eye sore for anyone living in or visiting the area, lets combat this together as a community. If you see some one fly tipping or can see occurrences of it, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Ward Councillors.


Your Local Labour Councillors