Frequency of Litter Pickers and Green Space Maintenance

Dear Residents

On the 23rd of June 2014 your local Heathrow Ward Councillors asked Council Officers the following question “What is the frequency of the litter pickers in The London Borough of Hillingdon and what is the timetable for the green space maintenance?” The reason for this question was brought about by numerous residents asking us how often the streets in their Village should be litter picked and also what time of the year/ how many times a year does the Council maintain the green spaces, tree cutting, grass cutting and the flowering of the plants.

Council officers responded on the 8th July 2014 and provided us with a link which directs us to The London Borough of Hillingdon’s website, within the link is all the categories of maintenance that the Council carry out and the frequency’s and specification Borough wide.

The Council Officer also responded by stating that “We do aim to keep to these frequency’s, however they can deviate from time to time depending on weather condition, ground condition, machine breakdown etc …”

Timetable for Heathrow Villages can be found in the link, for more information please refer directly to Hillingdon’s website or email one of your Councillors. Also if you see maintenance work that has not been carried out to a suitable standard or within a certain time frame, again contact your local Councillors.

We hope this information helps the local residents.


Your Local Labour Councillors