Harlington Community Football Project

The venture started in 2010 when the Church Minister, Rev Neemias who is from Brazil invited young children from the local park to play football with him one day a week. 

Week-by-week the numbers began to increase and the Youth Club Project was motivated by the Church’s vision to attract and support local young people through stimulating activities, play time and various games, whereby, through contact with positive role-models, they could avoid being drawn into anti-social behaviour and instead channel their energy into positive and healthy activities.

In 2012, the Head Teacher of William Byrd Primary School agreed to support the project by making the schools playing field available to the project available free of charge. The number of boys continued to increase and they started working in partnership with Kick London, who provide a qualified coach to help improve the quality of the project. In 2012, they also received a grant from The London Baptist Association to enable them to continue the project. In 2013, they started working in partnership with Queens Park Rangers Football Club, whose training grounds are in Harlington, are helping by providing coaches for their training sessions.

In 2014 they started competing in the Hayes Goals Soccer Centre Premier League. During the first season the team finished in third place and on the 11th May 2014 they held their first award ceremony in the Harlington Baptist Church Hall, with many of the players parents and other authorities in attendance. In 20134, they also received further help from Mr Mark Hampton, who as a local resident with a love of football volunteered to help coach the team.

In May 2014, the community football project also received a grant from The London Borough of Hillingdon’s Ward Budget to purchase football kit and equipment with the support of Cllr June Nelson and the other Heathrow Villages Councillors.

In the premier league second season the team finished first place and became League Champions. This was obviously a great achievement for the project and the second award ceremony was on the 23rd July 2014, again in the church hall. The players, parents and coaches attended as well as Cllr June Nelson of Heathrow Villages Ward.

The season has now finished as it runs throughout the year with the programmes divided into sections that align with school terms and the project will resume in September after the summer holidays.

Please contact Rev. Neemias as limited spaces are available: 020 8616 4616.